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I Predict Premonition Will Win the Race on the Home Market Charts

July 29th, 2007

We finally saw a new release top the charts this week as Premonition was the number one renting and seller on the home market this week including taking in $7.29 million in rentals. Second place went to The Hills Have Eyes 2 with $4.67 million, just ahead of Shooter's fourth week haul of $4.31 million. That latter film has earned $24.01 million in just under a month of release. Black Snake Moan fell to fourth place with $3.24 million and its running tally of $18.37 is nearly twice what it earned theatrically. The final film in the top five was The Last Mimzy with $2.95 million for the week and $6.68 million after two.

There were only two other new releases to chart this week and both limited releases. Factory Girl took in $1.60 million during its first week, which was nearly the same as it earned theatrically while Avenue Montaigne took in $690,000 during its first weekend, which was just a third of its theatrical run.

Moving over to the sales chart we see that Premonition led the way with a significant lead over second place The Hills Have Eyes 2. Shooter slipped a spot to third place while The Last Mimzy fell from first to fourth. Rounding out the top five was Ghost Rider, again.

Prefect Creature came out on DVD selling enough to capture 11th place while Red Dawn Collector's Edition opened in 13th place.


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