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Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of October 26, 2007

October 27th, 2007

Only two wide releases this week, and while there were many more limited releases, there weren't many sites that stood out and demanded to be given the Weekly Website Award. In fact, there were more movies released this week without site than were released with sites that were merely above average. The best of this humble group was Dan in Real Life - Official Site, and it's the winner of the Weekly Website Award.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - No Official Site
No official site, at least not for the North American release.

Bella - Official Site
One of the best sites on this week's list, this one has all of the usual features plus a number of video clips. And not just the trailer and TV spots, (although there are a lot of those), but videos on the making of the movie, Eduardo Verastegui, and the Smithsonian Award. Additionally, the backgrounds move with perspective and you move the mouse around. It's a minor point, but in a slow week it really helps the site stand out.

Black Irish - Official Site
Good site for a smaller independent film. Hits all the right marks and includes a bit of news and most importantly, the theaters the film is playing at and the links to those theaters' official site. Very handy for people interested in seeing the movie.

Dan in Real Life - Official Site
All the regular features are here, (synopsis, bios, gallery, and trailer), there are also extras like clips and even a behind the scenes featurette. Additionally, there are interactive extras like the Ask Steve a Question and the Crossword Challenge. Overall, it's the best site on this week's list, (at least the best one I could check out without crashing my browser), and with little touches like the video clip intros, it is the winner of the bona fide Weekly Website Award.

How to Cook Your Life - No Official Site
No official site for the North American release, but here's the one in German.

Jab We Met - No Official Site
No Official site, but that's not surprising for an Indian film.

Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains - Official Site
This is a good site for a documentary film with all the usual features plus added background information. Not a lot in terms of style, but that is to be expected given the genre.

Mr. Untouchable - Official Site
Like the above documentary site on this week's list, this one has all the usual features plus enough style not to seem boring, but not enough to stand out.

Music Within - Official Site
Just the bare minimum, (synopsis, bios, gallery, and trailer), plus a few quotes from some reviews.

Rails & Ties - Official Site
All the usual features are here and a suitably subtle sense of style, but the site needs more sound. Background music at the very least. There's a link to the soundtrack, grab a song from that.

The Rocket Post - No Official Site
Another movie with no official site for the North American release. You can find the original British one here.

Saw IV - Official Site
This site is causing all kinds of problems for my browser. Can't review what I can't see.

Slipstream - Official Site
Just the trailer. It certainly looks strange, but I don't know it if will sell it to moviegoers.


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