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DVD Sales - Spidey's DVD Sales not that Super

November 11th, 2007

It was a busy week for new releases but, as expected, Spider-man 3 topped the sales chart with 2.40 million units sold for $42.44 million in sales. This is substantially lower than The Transformers' first week sales, despite Spider-man 3 being the highest grossing film of the year. On the other hand, the film sold 130,000 Blu-Ray discs, which may or may not be a record for high definition releases. There are some... confusion with the numbers, so much so that there are accusations of impropriety, intentional or otherwise.

The Transformers was pushed into second place but still sold 614,000 units over the week and 7.75 million in total for total sales of $178.26 million. Meet the Robinsons added 404,000 in second week sales for a total of 1.53 million units sold for a total of $25.87 million. License to Wed opened in fourth place with 282,000 units sold and $5.07 million in sales. Finally, in fifth place was the Spider-Man Trilogy box set with 211,000 / $5.49 million in sales. Even adding these figures to the single film release above and the numbers are still disappointing.

There were six other new releases to chart starting with Scrubs - The Complete Sixth Season, which placed 12th with 76,000 units sold and $2.14 million in sales. Captivity landed in 15th place with 60,000 units sold and $1.19 million in sales, which is stronger than expected given the film's box office performance. Day Watch was a surprise entry on the charts as it earned $872,000 in sales from 48,000 units, which is nearly twice what it earned theatrically. El Cantante and In the Land of Women were back to back with 45,000 and 43,000 units sold. The final new release to chart was Talk to me with 43,000 units sold for opening week sales of $999,000.


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