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International Top Five - Beowulf is the Leader of the Pack

November 21st, 2007

Beowulf was able to come out on top on the international charts just as it did domestically, but it was by a lot closer margin of victory. During its first weekend of release, the film pulled in $17.41 million on 2432 screens in 13 markets, including a first place debut in South Korea where it earned $2.91 million on 365 screens over the weekend and $3.92 million in total. Beowulf opened in other major markets but had to settle for second in the U.K. with $4.51 million on 485 screens, and in Germany with $2.12 million on 698 screens while it could do no better than third place in Italy with $2.09 million on 368. Like its domestic debut, these results could be described as disappointing when placed next to its $150 million production budget.

American Gangster, on the other hand, finished in second place but is poised to earn more in raw dollars and will become a more profitable movie. During the weekend, the film earned $14.30 million on 1477 screens in 14 markets and with its earlier small market openings it has $14.71 million in total. American Gangster went head-to-head with Beowulf in a couple of major markets winning both times. In the U.K. it brought it $5.26 million on 410 screens while in Germany it raised $2.83 million on 367 screens. The film also debuted in first place in France with $3.46 million on 379 screens and other, midlevel markets like Belgium where it earned $605,000 on 56 screens, including midweek numbers. On the other hand, Beowulf was able to beat American Gangster in Austria $397,000 on 86 screens to $326,000 on 63; however, American Gangster earned a better per screen average and can claim that bragging right.

The Heartbreak Kid opened in a handful of midlevel markets and that helped it climb into third place with $7.49 million on 1883 screens in 34 markets of a total of $52.01 million. In Greece the film debuted strong in second place with $544,000, however, most of the film's box office came from holdovers like Italy and Germany. In the former market it earned $1.77 million on 291 screens for a total of $5.43 million after two weekends while in Germany it has $8.38 million, including $1.60 million on 498 screens this past weekend.

Om Shanti Om fell from first to fourth with $6.30 million on 1244 screens in 17 markets, which does represent a 65% drop-off, but its total of $25.65 million is still unbelievably strong. In fact, the film is breaking records in its native India and added $513,000 on 51 screens in the U.K. for a two-week total of $1.99 million.

Ratatouille barely managed a spot in the top five, but it hasn't had an opening in a few weeks now so drop-offs are to be expected. Over the weekend the film earned $5.94 million on 2936 screens in 25 markets for a total of $396.70 million internationally and $602.82 million worldwide. It is only the 37th film to reach that milestone, including only the seventh animated film. Ratatouille managed more than $1 million in the U.K. with $1.92 million on 493 screens over the weekend and $47.33 million in total, while it Germany it added $1.25 million on 818 screens for a total of $45.33 million.


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