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P for Pink is V for Victorious

March 22nd, 2006

The Pink Panther repeated on top of the international charts with $12.55 million on 3616 screens in 37 markets and now has $46.68 million in total. This film's biggest market of the weekend was the U.K. where it opened in first place with $3.41 million on 403 screens. It also opened first in Russia with $1.64 million on 265 screens over the weekend and $1.88 million in total and second in New Zealand with $125,000 on 40 screens. Meanwhile, the film was down 39% in Germany to $1.29 million for the weekend and $3.82 million in total.

V for Vendetta had a similarly disappointing opening internationally as it had domestically as it finished second in $8.26 million on 1859 screens in 15 markets. This included a second place $2.08 million debut in the U.K. on 410 screens, which is particularly disappointing given the film's connection to the market. It also opened in second place in Mexico with $850,000 on 354 screens while it had to settle for third I both South Korea, ($1.08 million on 126 screens over the weekend and $1.21 million in total), and in Italy, ($1.07 million on 295 screens). Even weaker was its result in Germany where it barely made the top five with $1.04 million on 363 screens.

Narnia fell 33% to $5.24 million on 1635 screens in 29 markets for a total of $414.95 million internationally and that puts it ahead of Spider-Man 2 and into 18th on the all time charts. Worldwide the film now has $704.80 million and currently sits in 22nd on the All-Time charts but 20th place seems out of reach at this point.

Repeating in fourth place overall was the Italian film, Il Mio Miglior Nemico. It slipped just 19% but still easily topped its home market again with $4.86 million on 561 screens for a total of $13.21 million.

Brokeback Mountain held up strong despite the lack of new openings adding $4.66 million on 1880 screens in 40 markets for a $78.31 million total. Its best market was Germany where it slipped just 18% to $1.61 million and that was enough for the film to rise to first place with a total of $4.23 million in the market. It should have no trouble topping its domestic total on the international scene as early as next weekend.


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