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Movie Website Updates for April 29 - May 5

May 5th, 2006

It was not a great week when it comes to new websites with most of the really interesting updates coming in the form of new trailers. However, it was one of those sites, Casino Royale - Official Site, that was awarded the Weekly Website Award. I just hope when the site goes live in two weeks by Fanboy enthusiasm is rewarded.

An American Haunting - Official Site
There were more than a few video clips added to the site, including a behind the scenes clip that spent most of the time foolishly trying to convince me the movie is based on real life events.

Another Gay Movie - Official Site
Not much in the way of content so far, but there is more style than usual.

Art School Confidential - Official Site
No real changes since last week.

The Break-Up - Official Site
There were a couple of features marked coming soon added to the placeholder site. It's not much of an update, but it's a slow week so I thought I'd mention it.

Cars - Official Site
The final four cars were added to the showroom. Also, it looks like more features are starting to fill in like interactive poster, which is a typical soundboard with a better than average interface.

Casino Royale - Official Site
The placeholder site has been completely redesigned with a countdown added. But this is not a countdown to the movie, but to the full site. Also added was a teaser trailer, which was better than expected. A lot as been written about Daniel Craig and whether he was tough enough to play James Bond. But here's the thing, I never once thought Pierce Brosnan was a tough guy or that he could kick my ass. However, add in the training and gadgets that go alone with James Bond and he becomes unstoppable. So I'm not worried if Daniel Craig is tough enough, I'm worried if he can be charming and sophisticated; that is the real issue. But I think the filmmakers have handled this well by making the movie about James Bond's first mission as a 00 agent, so he's not going to have the same easy calm as the others did. And while there is not much in the way of content, and almost no style, I'm still awarding the site the suave Weekly Website Award. . ... Is it too early to award the site the Weekly Website Award? It probably is. But I'm a big Fanboy for this franchise and I'm allowed to let my bias take over every once and a while.

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - Official Site
Another week, another clip. This one is about the final day of shooting in L.A.

Crazy Like a Fox - Official Site
Simple site with a lot of information, but no sense of style or flair.

Down In The Valley - Official Site
No real changes since last week.

Hoot - Official Site
No real changes in a while. It is still an effective site, but not one that stands out in a crowded field.

Just My Luck - Official Site
The full site is up, and it has all the usual features like synopsis, cast and crew bios, image gallery, and trailer. There's are a few extras like a half a dozen songs, and a test you luck feature, but overall it didn't sell the movie well.

Mission: Impossible: 3 - Official Site
Another four clips and 3 TV-spots were added to the site. Overall this is a good site, but not a great one. Outside the video clips there's not much in the way of movement on the site. Granted, there are dozens of video clips on the site ranging from trailers, TV-spots, clips, and behind-the-scenes, featurettes. But I was hoping for a little more style, perhaps based on the special agent motif.

Mouth to Mouth - Official Site
The weirdest thing happened. I was just starting to explore the site when it went down. Granted, sites go down all the time, but rarely when you are exploring them.

Nacho Libre - Official Site
Two more clips, including one about Montezuma's Revenge, which was entirely unnecessary.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Official Site
The full-length trailer is online, and it answered a few of my worries, but I'm still on a wait and see with this movie.

The Promise - Official Site
A very beautiful site with all the necessary features, it just doesn't have enough to stand out.

The Proposition - Official Site
No changes in a while.

Saw III - Official Site
No content so far, but it is a safe assumption that the site will be very similar to the others' official sites.

Snakes on a Plane - Official Site
No real content, with just a link to the fan site of the week. I know there's a huge Internet following for this movie, but to me it just looks like a massive train wreck waiting to happen.

Superman Returns - Official Site
There were two full-length trailers for major movies to go online this week, (three if you count Casino Royale's 'teaser ' trailer). In both cases I'm on a wait and see approach since I fear high expectations could result is disappointment.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Official Site
The placeholder site was redesigned. As for the full site, there have been quite a few additions since the last time it was featured on this list, but the result doesn't sell the film well. Part of the problem is it doesn't feel like a cohesive website, just a bunch of parts thrown together.

Wordplay - Official Site
No real content so far.


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