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Movie Website Updates for May 20 - May 26

May 26th, 2006

Not much this week in terms of new sites or updates and all the ones that are award-worthy have already won the weekly website award. The best of the rest is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Official Site, but it certainly doesn't deserve to win the awards.

Cars - Official Site
More podcasts were added to the site this week as well as some games. Most of the games and stuff you print out, but there are some you can play on the site. Also, the newest podcast is a new version of Life is a Highway, originally done by Tom Cochrane and his version is a lot better.

Cavite - Official Site
All the usual features are here, but I was most impressed by the style of the site, especially considering the film's tiny budget. When the movie was supposed to come out last year, the site was very bare bones. This one is able to keep up with the pack, but there's not enough here to be award-worthy.

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - Official Site
Another week, another video. This time it is about their trip to Cannes.

The Descent - Official Site
There's not actual content yet, but the trailer is online on Moviefone.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Official Site
The flash site debuted this week and it has a pretty elaborate intro... that crashed my browser. The second time around I skipped the intro and that seemed to work. So far there are some of the regular features, (synopsis, image gallery, trailer), and a heavy emphasis on video clips and the cars. This site will certainly get the fans excited, but it is unlikely to convince anyone else to see the film.

Garfield's A Tale of Two Kitties - Official Site
Just the synopsis and the trailer so far.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
The both the domestic and the international trailers are online, but neither sold me on the movie. In fact, I'm less interested in seeing the movie now than I was before I saw the trailer.

An Inconvenient Truth - Official Site
No real changes in a while.

Jackass 2 - Official Site
The placeholder site has been completely redesigned with a couple of clips to watch.

The Lake House - Official Site
All the content marked coming soon last week was added this week. While it is a good site overall, there feels like there should be more.

Lbs. - Official Site
All the usual features are here plus a store where you can buy the official shirt in sizes most people need. However, there's not much of a sense of style here.

Miami Vice - Official Site
No new updates this week, but I have to say I hate the audio clip used in the intro. Every time I hear, "As if badness is happening right now." It makes me hate the movie just a little bit more.

The Omen - Official Site
The rest of the regular features were added to the site as were about half-a-dozen clips, none of which sold me on the movie.

The Road to Guantanamo - Official Site
The site is light on features, even for a doccmentary site, (also, the film is more of a docudrama than a full documentary). It does have both versions of the trailer, which are very powerful.

Saw III - Official Site
They've added a countdown to the movie's opening.

Shem - Official Site
The site has all the usual information, but not a strong sense of style.

Snakes on a Plane - Official Site
The snake kit was added to the site this week, it contains images, audio & video clips, and downloads. I still think this will be a terrible, terrible movie, but it could be so bad its good.

Step Up - Official Site
The movie's official site is on Maybe it's just me, but MySpace has a stigma attached to it that makes the site feel very unprofessional.

World Trade Center - Official Site
The site is now down completely because of a broken link. I assume the problem will be fixed shortly.

X-Men: The Last Stand - Official Site
The site hung on me. It's been five minutes of loading and I have nothing to show for it. I'll check back later in the day to see if it's back, but the demand will probably grow as people check it out before heading to theatres to see it tonight.


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