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International Top Five - Da Vinci Da Feats Da Mutants

May 31st, 2006

Two important points before we get to the top five. First of all, you know how I said I wouldn't do any more The Da Vinci Code puns, well, obviously I lied. Secondly, a combination of holidays and massive openings has left the week's international numbers a little late and this means I have to rely mostly on studio estimates. However, on Sunday I will update the overall figures during the International Details column.

Despite the worldwide opening of X-Men: The Last Stand, The Da Vinci Code was able to remain on top with a relatively comfortable lead. Over the weekend it added $92.8 million on 12,038 screens in 82 markets for an international total of $320 million while its worldwide total has reached $465.25 million. The film is now 34th on the all-time international charts and 56th on the worldwide charts. As for individual markets, the results were mixed. In the U.K. is was down a hefty 48% to $9.15 million on 522 screens for a $35.38 million total but it had a better time in Germany down just 17% to $11.16 million on 887 screens for a $29.62 million two-week total. Its best holdover was Holland where it grew by 5% to $2.19 million on 143 screens for a total of $5.06 million, however, that result was aided by holidays and four of the six holdovers in the top ten saw triple-digit growth. Where does it go from here? The film has already made enough to cover its production and P&A budgets, so the only goals left involve climbing the charts. How far up the charts it reaches is still in doubt, but if I ware a betting man, I'd predict that in the end it should reach the top ten internationally and the top twenty worldwide.

The number two film of the week was X-Men: The Last Stand with $76.1 million on 8,543 screens in 95 markets, which puts it at about 16% higher than its predecessor opened with in the respective markets. The fact that the film failed to top The Da Vinci Code both overall and in many individual markets may seem like a disappointment to some, but comic book movies tend to be a harder sell overseas than they are here. As for individual markets, the U.K. was the best at $13.18 million on 446 screens while also finishing first in France, ($10.6 million on 756 screens); Mexico, ($5.98 million on 1090); Australia, ($5.06 million on 408 screens); Brazil, ($3.5 million on 530); and a number of smaller markets. On the other hand, the film had to settle for second in Germany with just $5.68 million on 885 screens representing the lowest opening for the franchise, at least in local currency, while it managed just third in Poland but box office data for that market was not available. The film has yet to open in four markets, (Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan), and when all is said and done it should earn $200 million internationally, or at least come awfully close.

Mission: Impossible 3 saw its international box offive nearly sliced almost in half with $12.1 million on 5,022 screens in 57 markets for a total of $182.1 million internationally and just shy of $300 million worldwide. It will obviously top that mark, but it won't reach that much farther leaving the film will one third less than the original made a decade ago.

Limit Of Love: Umizaru remained solid Japan adding 4.32 million on 315 screens over the weekend for a total of $39.85 million so far. That was enough for the film to remain in second place in its nateve market and fourth overall.

The studio reported that Ice Age: The Meltdown earned $3 million over the weekend for a $434.7 million international total and $625 million worldwide. However, no other details were given.


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