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Per Theatre Charts - Wassup Ends Up on top of the Charts

June 27th, 2006

Wassup Rockers surprised on top of the per theatre charts with $29,400 in its lone theatre, but it wasn't the only film to excel over the weekend. Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man also opened in just one theatre, but still managed an impressive $17,130 in ticket sales. The final film to crack $10,000 was the overall box office leader, Click, which pulled in more than $40 million in 3,749 theatres for an average of $10,673.

None of the rest of the new releases came close to the $10,000 mark with most finishing in or near the the $4,000 - $5,000 range. The best of the rest was Two Drifters with $5,289 in one theatre, while A Great New Wonderful was close behind with an average of $4,964 in 8 theatres. Both The Hidden Blade and Road to Guantanamo disappointed with averages of just $4,466 and $4,076 respectively, which is about half of what I was expecting. In the latter film's case, I think opening in 15 theatres was too much. Finally there was Say Uncle, which earned just $2,485 in its solitary theatre.

There was again only the one milestone as District 13 topped $1 million midweek. However, there are several other films that are a week or two away from milestones, so things should pick up next week.


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