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Movie Website Updates for July 15 - July 21

July 21st, 2006

Another busy week, but unlike last week there was no massive blockbuster launching its flash site. Two sites stood out this week, (not counting past winners), and they are wildly different both in terms of style and in terms of the movie they are selling: Accepted - Official Site and World Trade Center - Official Site. The former is goofy and seriously immature, while the latter is one of the most emotional sites I've ever seen. In was nearly a coin flip, but in the end I went with Accepted - Official Site, but I would be willing to bet the other site will win before the movie comes out.

13 Tzameti - Official Site
Just the synopsis and the trailer, and for that matter, the trailer is more like a 2-minute clip than a real trailer. Even so, I find it fascinating and I'm looking forward to learning more about the movie.

300 - Official Site
The movie is being featured at this year's ComicCon, and the website has some details.

Accepted - Official Site
The site underwent a redesign this week, but it was more of a polish and not a massive change. There were some added features like a behind the scenes video, and a few games. However, the links to the games are broken at the moment, but I'll check back before I upload this story for a last minute update. ... Just checked and the games are online now. There's still quite a bit marked coming soon, but the site is shaping up well. Not the most serious site on this week's list, in fact, the Thong Game was just so immature it made me laugh out loud as I was playing it. However, this really helps sell the film well making it the winner of the collegiate Weekly Website Award.

The Barnyard - Official Site
Boy Tipping finally worked for me, and I have to say, that is one long house.

Beowulf - Official Site
Just the intro so far, which does little more than give the names of the cast is a flashy way. The movie doesn't open for 15 months, (give or take), so the lack of content is to be expected.

Black Irish - Official Site
This is a good, but subdued site with all the usual information except the trailer. However, we have it under good authority that the trailer will be added soon.

Casino Royale - Official Site
Another week, another blog entry. Also, the first two Podcasts were added, but they were previously clips on the site. They do say more coming each week and this is a very smart strategy; this is key to getting people to come back and visit the site repeatedly and that will help keep the fanbase informed. But this does still mean the studio will need a way to entice the average moviegoer as well and the Internet is not the best tool for that.

The Children of Men - Official Site
So far there's just the synopsis, image gallery, and trailer. But that's enough to raise my interest in the movie substantially, almost enough to disregard that September release date.

Clerks 2 - Official Site
The site is slow today, but that bodes well for the film's chances. This site has been on this list practically every week since it first went live nearly 10 months ago. In that time, more than 80 video clips have been posted, include 4 this past week. This week's videos talk about the music selection, the red carpet, a short, 'film' by Jason Mewes and the very final Train Wreck installment. If I were to choose just one word to describe those last two clips, it would be, 'testicle.' Consider yourself warned.

Conversations with Other Women - Official Site
A good site that hits all the right notes and sells the film well. On the other hand, there's not enough sizzle here to stand out in a crowded field.

The Covenant - Official Site
One look at the trailer of this film and it is clear that this will be a style over substance movie, but those can be fun. Besides the trailer, the site has the usual information, as well as extras like character bios, timeline and other background information. Add in enough animation and the site stands out, but I'm waiting till the game is online before I render a final verdict.

Crank - Official Site
The flash site launch this week but most of the features are marked coming soon. There's the synopsis, the image gallery, and the trailer, as well as plenty of clips that run in the background. For all appearances, this film will have the same appeal as The Transporter films had.

The Descent - Official Site
Three clips were added to the site, but they are more like TV spots that are too intense for TV.

Employee of the Month - Official Site
A short intro was added to the site as was the trailer. The trailer didn't impress me and instead left me cold.

Flushed Away - Official Site
The flash site is up, but outside the usual features, there's not much here. There are a couple of extras, (fun & games and video game), but both are marked coming soon. It's too soon to give a final verdict, but with plenty of sound and animation, (including mouse-overs like the screaming slugs), I have high hopes for the final product.

Flyboys - Official Site
The trailer is online and can be found here for Windows and here for Quicktime.

Ghost Rider - Official Site
The flash site is up, but there's not much here. There is the synopsis, trailer, game, and blog. The game didn't interest me because it wasn't responsive enough to play. However, the blog could help remove some of the lingering doubts I have about the movie.

Haven - Official Site
Just the synopsis so far.

Jackass 2 - Official Site
A few more clips were added to the site. After watching them, I'd can honestly say I would rather be a victim of one of their stunts than a member of their audience.

Lady in the Water - Official Site
A few more video clips were added to the site, but there is simple not enough sound or animation to be effective.

The Messengers - Official Site
Just an animated intro and the first Webisode.

Monster House - Official Site
The site starts with a choice of countries and when I click on United States, it takes me to the list of countries. Actually, it opens a new window with the list of countries. If I click Canada, it takes me to this tiny site, and if I click "Official Site" there... it takes me to the list of countries. I'd check back later in the day to see if they fixed it, but it's been this way for months.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Official Site
No new updates this week leaving the interviews and clips marked coming soon.

Pulse - Official Site
A few of the TV spots are online, (sightings), and clips, (unexplained sightings).

The Reaping - Official Site
Another site with just the synopsis and the trailer. As for the quality of the trailer, I can't say I have a strong opinion either way. I'm guess I'm still on a wait and see approach.

Renaissance - Official Site
Just the trailer and an additional clip. One look at the visual style of this film and I was hooked. I'm looking forward to learning more about the film and hope my anticipation will grow.

Rocky Balboa - Official Site
The site is now a re-direct to the blog, which is fairly active.

The Science of Sleep - Official Site
Just the synopsis and the photo gallery so far with the trailer over on It is clear to me that this film is for people who thought Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was just too normal. I'm looking forward to seeing it, but it might be too weird even for me.

Shadowboxer - Official Site
All the usual features with a behind-the-scenes video clip as the only extra.

Spider-Man 3 - Official Site
There's a new menu, but the only content so far is the teaser trailer and the information on Spider-man events. Right now the only two events are the ComicCon and the auction.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Official Site
The teaser trailer is now online, and while it is well done, it is still too much teaser and not enough trailer for my liking.

This Film is Not Yet Rated - Official Site
A new look and even more information about the rating system and its flaws.

The Wicker Man - Official Site
The flash site is up as along with the usual information, there is some background information like details on the crash and ancient harvest rituals. I'm still having a really hard time getting excited about the film.

World Trade Center - Official Site
Several more videos were added to the site this week. Overall it is a very moving site, but I'm still worried that the film might seem emotionally manipulative or exploitive, either which would be fatal to the film's box office chances.

Yesterday Was a Lie - Official Site
There's a new look to the intro site, but not new content.


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