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Victory for Vendetta

August 12th, 2006

It was a slow week for new releases, but that didn't stop one of them, V for Vendetta from reaching the top with $9.30 million in total rentals. Second place went to last week's winner, The Benchwarmers, which was down 25% to $7.48 million for the week and $17.59 million during its run. Next up was the only other new release to chart as The Shaggy Dog opened with $5.62 million. Final Destination 3 fell to fourth place down 38% to $5.16 million with a running tally of $13.56 million. Lastly there's She's the Man with $3.31 million for the weekend and $13.27 million after three.

With no other new releases, the overall rentals fell 1.9% to $140.7 million. but that's still 2.7% higher than the same week last year. This helped increased 2006's lead to 1.0% at $4.7 billion.

V for Vendetta also led the sales chart with fellow newcomer, The Shaggy Dog, coming in second. The rest of the top five was the same as last week, just one place lower: Final Destination 3, The Benchwarmers, and Chappelle's Show - The Lost Episodes.

Again, there were no other new releases to chart.

The TV on DVD section did have a few new releases to chart, but none of them in the top five. In fact, the top five was identical to last week: Chappelle's Show - The Lost Episodes, The Boondocks - The Complete First Season, High School Musical, Animaniacs - Volume 1, and Pinky and the Brain - Volume 1.

The new releases didn't start till seventh place with Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Fifth Season. Ninth went to Dallas - The Complete Fifth Season while Beavis & Butt-head - The Mike Judge Collection - Volume 3 rounded out the top ten.


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