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International Top Five - Trade a Worldwide Hit

October 4th, 2006

World Trade Center had its widest expansion of its run so far an that helped it climb into first place in a very tight race. Over the weekend the film made $12.83 million on 2765 screens in 19 markets for an international total of $22.55 million after three weeks of release. The film opened in three major markets including its biggest markets, the U.K.. There it was in a close, three-way battle for first place but in the end it finished third with $3.12 million on 411 screens. The film also placed third in Germany with $1.68 million on 496 screens. In Spain, on the other hand, it handily took first place with $2.40 million on 325 screens and also finished first in Taiwan with $734,000 on 57 and in second in Brazil with $618,000 on 85. Next up for the film is Australia and Japan this weekend, as well as a series of midlevel European markets.

The Devil Wears Prada was just a rounding error behind the number one film as it took it $12.33 million on 2096 screens in 18 markets for a still early international total of $20.57 million. The film had to major openings this weekend earning first place and $2.62 million on 323 screens over the weekend and Australia, (and $3.72 million including last week's previews). The film had to settle for second place in France behind local hit, Indigenes, a.k.a. Days of Glory; however, the film still earned an excellent box office of $4.64 million on 505 screens. Meanwhile in Mexico, the film remained in first place with $877,000 on 389 screens for a two-week total of $3.01 million. Give the film's performance so far and the number of markets left to open in, it has a real shot at $200 million worldwide, and perhaps $100 million internationally.

Click was the third film on the charts to top $10 million over the weekend and it's been a long time since that happened. The film's biggest and best market was the U.K. where it finished first is an incredibly tight race; it pulled out a victory with $3.36 million on 402 screens compared to Hoodwinked!'s $3.30 million on 435 screens. The film also did well in Spain finishing second with $1.71 million on 315 screens but was weaker in its two other major markets. In Germany it was a distant second with $2.10 million on 627 screens while it had to settle for fourth in Italy with $886,000 on 194. Overall the film added $10.96 million on 2877 screens for a total of $59.66 million internationally making it a lock to top $200 million worldwide by this time next week.

The German film, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, fell from first to fourth, but this was a result of very strong competition and not in any way an indication of weakness. Despite no new openings the film dipped just 21% to $8.50 million on 1536 screens in 6 markets for an international total of $45.38 million and with openings in more than half of Europe to go, it seems a lock to make it to $100 million before it debuts Stateside in late December. Highlights this week include mere 17% drop-off in its native Germany as it remained in first place for the third weekend in a row with $5.52 million on 774 screens for a total of $28.04 million. The film took in more than twice its nearest competitor and earned almost as much as the rest of the top five combined. The film also remained in first place in Russia with $964,000 on 299 screens for a three-week total of $8.06 million and held well in Italy with $755,000 on 325 screens over the weekend and $2.34 million in total.

South Korean film, The War Of Flower, opened in first place in its native market with $5.72 million on 507 screens over the weekend and $7.42 million in total. This is the third week in a row that a South Korean film has opened well enough in its native market to score a spot on the top five.


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