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Milestone Weekend for Fockers

February 16th, 2005

Note: This week we're trying out a new format for the international box office. Previously we've published the top five as well as a section for, 'Other highlights' as one story. Starting this week these will be broken up into two stories: The Top Five, which will continue to be published on Wednesday while the latter section will be published on Fridays. These extra two days should allow for more detailed figures from smaller markets.

Meet the Fockers easily topped the international marketplace while surpassing the $100 million milestone internationally. The film's biggest box office was in Italy where the film brought in $5.9 million on 497 screens, more than double what the original opened with. The film is also opened well in several mid-level markets like Greece where the film took in $650,000 on 59 screens and $790,000 on 94 screens in Holland. Add in strong holdovers in the U.K. ($5.6 million down just 36%) and Spain, ($3.4 million down just 27%) and it all adds up to a $20.2 million on 2500 screens in 25 markets for an international total $114 million.

Constantine opened in several Asian markets a week ahead of its domestic debut and its box office was surprisingly brisk. Its best performance came in South Korea where it pulled in $5.5 million dollars since it opened last Tuesday, which was nearly half of its $11.96 million total from 5 markets. Other markets included Taiwan where the film earned $3.4 million over five days, $1.5 million in Hong Kong, just shy of $1 million in Singapore and $560,000 in Malaysia. These totals are impressive, but inflated due to the Chinese New Year holidays and shouldn't be used to predict massive a massive opening Stateside.

Thanks to number one debuts in Australia and other smaller markets, The Aviator saw its weekend haul climb to $10.7 million from 34 markets. In Australia the film earned $1.43 million on 248 screens beating Hide and Seek in a close race for top spot. The film also finished first in Brazil with $682,000 and did well in Taiwan with $1 million and New Zealand with $217,000. Overall the film has managed $63.5 million internationally, and continues to be on pace for about $100 million.

Slipping to fourth place was Ocean's Twelve with $7.4 million on 1900 screens in 44 markets for a running tally of $215.1 million. Its two biggest markets were the U.K. where it brought in an additional $4.0 million, down 37% during its second weekend, and Japan with $2.2 million.

Climbing into the top five was Finding Neverland with $5.2 million on 1400 screens in 24 markets for an international box office of $34.0 million so far. This includes strong openings in Spain at $1.6 million on 240 screens and weaker openings in Germany, ($970,000 on 200 screens), Mexico, ($375,000 on 146) and a weaker than expect sophomore stint in Italy, ($1.4 million down 32%.)

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