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Smiths Snipe Sith

June 15th, 2005

We have a new champion atop the International Box Office charts as Mr. and Mrs. Smith overtook Revenge of the Sith with $32 million on 3,600 screens in 35 markets. The film best market was the U.K. at $7.1 million on 448 screens, which was slightly below Hitch's debut earlier in the year. In Australia it brought in $4.7 million on 356 screens, as well as $3.6 million in both Mexico and Taiwan. Other million dollar markets include Brazil, ($1.6 million on 401 screens); Hong Kong, ($1.2 million on 68) and Thailand, ($1.2 million on 250.)

Revenge of the Sith saw its screen count tumble during its fourth weekend of release losing more than a quarter of its reach. So it's not surprising the film fell to $19.1 million on 7,638 screens in 105 markets for a $340.6 million international total. That puts the film in 26th place on the international charts, ahead of Attack of the Clones while its worldwide figure of $673 million is 20th on the All-Time Charts, just ahead of The Sixth Sense.

The list of million dollar markets shrunk again this weekend, but it's still very impressive for a film in its fourth weekend of release.

  • France - $3.6 million on 937 screens for a $47 million total
  • Germany - $3.1 million on 1,162 screens for a $42 million total
  • U.K. - $2.9 million on 487 screens for a $66 million total
  • Australia - $1.5 million on 444 screens for a $23.5 million total
  • Spain - $1.4 million on 495 screen for a $21 million total

No major openings and steep declines resulted in a large drop-off for Sin City this weekend. In the U.K. the film tumbled 58% to $1.8 million for the weekend and $8.4 million during its run. On the other hand, the film dropped just 26% during its second weekend in Italy managing another first place finish with $755,000. Overall the film made $5 million in 25 markets for a $25 million international total and just shy of $100 million worldwide.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy jumped back into the top five thanks to its $2.7 million, second place opening in Germany. This is the film's first major opening in a non-English speaking market so for the film to do as well as it has must come as a relief to the studio. The film also opened in Austria with $275,000 on 60 screens and pulled in more than $1 million from holdovers for a $4.0 million weekend. Overall the film has made $32.6 million internationally and should easily beat its domestic run and $100 million isn't out of the question.

The Pacifier also climbed into fifth place again adding $3.9 million, the biggest chunk of that coming from its $1.6 million opening in France. Its running totals now sit at $73 million internationally and $184 million worldwide.

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