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Limited Releases that shouldn't be Skipped

July 1st, 2005

Just a handful of limited releases this week, and only one is getting overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Beat My Heart Skipped - Reviews
A French remake of Fingers, a 1978 film that starred Harvey Keitel. Both movies tell the story of a thug who wants to give up his violent life and become a concert pianist. Easily the best reviewed new release of the week, and is earning even better reviews than the original did. The Beat My Heart Skipped opens at five theaters in New York City and Los Angeles, including Lincoln Plaza and Angelika Film Center in the former city and the Laemmles Sunset 5 in the latter.

Tropical Malady - Reviews
This Thai movie won the a special jury prize at Cannes last year, and while the film is earned strong reviews overall, the cream of the crop are not as enthusiastic with their praise. Usually with limited releases the opposite is true. The film opened on Wednesday at the IFC Center in New York City.

Undead - Reviews
An Australian Zombie movie that borrows from every available source. There's very little original here (and I won't spoil what originality there is), but fans of the genre could do worse as there is enough gore to satisfy somewhat. In the end, however, the film is more interesting as the first time efforts from the writing / directing brothers, Michael and Peter Spierig.

The World - Reviews
It's almost like the regular reviewers and the cream-of-the-crop critics were reviewing two different movies. The cream-of-the-crop gave the film 100% positive, while the run of the mill gave it just 33%. The most common complaints are that the film is too long and too repetitive and the script should have been tighter. The World opens at the Cinema Village tonight before touring the country throughout the summer and fall.

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