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Worldwide Invasions Shows Signs of Weakness

July 13th, 2005

War of the Worlds again finished on top of the international charts this weekend, but fell further than one would expect in many markets, mostly major markets. In the U.K. it dropped 51% to $7.49 million, down 49% in Spain to $2.9 million, down 47% in Australia to $2.68 million, 46% in Italy to $2.3 million, and down 44% in Germany to $3.7 million. The film also fell 37% in Japan to $5.2 million, which is very high for the market even taking into account the new competition. War of the Worlds also had a few new releases this weekend and overall they were very impressive, especially in South Korea where the film made $8.5 million in 300 theatres since its release on Thursday; compare that to the $3.8 million Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith opened with. On the other hand, War of the Worlds only brought in $11 million in 848 theatres in France, less than half the $22.3 million Sith made and the same was true in Sweden, ($2.7 million on 130 screens vs. $1.1 million on 88.) The film also opened in Belgium with $1.5 million in 85 theatres and Portugal earning $750,000 in 70, both on par with the summer's other blockbuster. Overall War of the Worlds added $60.5 million in 6,300 theatres pushing its international total to $201 million.

Fantastic Four opened in just a handful of markets over the weekend, but like its domestic opening it beat expectations with $16 million. Much of that came from the film's first place opening in Mexico with $5.6 million in 951 screens but the film also opened first in Australia, ($2.7 million in 303 theatres) and did well in Brazil, ($1.9 million in 413); Thailand, ($1.1 million in 290); and Taiwan, ($1 million at 170.)

It was a milestone weekend for Madagascar as the film topped $100 million internationally after adding $15 million over the weekend. It opened well in a few smaller markets over the weekend with $1.6 million in Central American, $700,000 in 94 theatres in Argentina, and $400,000 in 38 theatres in Chile. (The film also opened in the French speaking regions of Switzerland with $675,000 in 29, but won't open in all of that country till September 2nd.) The film's best market over the weekend was France, which added $2.9 million this weekend for a $13.5 million, three week total.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith climbed back into 8 figures thanks primarily to its $9.5 million opening in Japan in 756 theatres, or $17 million including previews. Fox is predicting the film will add another $100 million more in that market alone and it's should still add several milling more from the France, Germany, U.K., and other major markets. But even if it doesn't make anther dime it is already a huge hit with $391 million internationally, (17th place behind Spider-Man 2) and $761 million worldwide, (also 17th place, just ahead of The Lion King.)

Japan also became the sixth best market for the film and one of nine markets where the film earned $10 million or more:

  1. United Kingdom: $71.9 million
  2. France: $51.8 million
  3. Germany: $46.3 million
  4. Australia: $26.8 million
  5. Spain: $23.3 million
  6. Japan: $17.0 million
  7. Mexico: $15.3 million
  8. Italy: $10.8 million
  9. South Korea: $10.3 million

Two other markets, China and Russia, added over $9 million a piece to the film's coffers but don't have enough steam to reach $10 million, unless something really weird happens.

The overall international numbers were better with four of the five teams making $10 million or more and the fifth place team, Batman Begins, making $8.8 million this week. Compare that to last week when the fifth place team managed just $3 million. The film's best market was the U.K. at $1.4 million lifting its box office in the market to $25.1 million, or almost one fifth of the film's $132 million international total. The film sill has a few minor markets to open in, but it looks unlikely that it will top Batman's $160 million international total.

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