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The Smiths' Honeymoon in Asia Continues

July 17th, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith continues its excellent run in Asia with a $2.2 million opening in 450 theatres in China. The film also added $1.8 million in South Korea for an $18 million running total in that market, (although it was pushed out of the top spot in that market. Overall the film made $4 million pushing its total to $117 million internationally and $275 million worldwide.

Other international highlights:

  • Bewitched started its international run in Australia, which makes sense since Nicole Kidman stars in the film. The film opened in second place in a very close race with $2.68 million, just behind Fantastic Four.
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded added another $1.8 million this week, the largest chunk coming from Australia with $850,000. The film also opened in the Netherlands with $370,000 (including previews) and $150,000 in Argentina.
  • Les Poupees Russes, a.k.a., The Russian Dolls, slipped to third place with $1.54 million in 620 theaters for a $13.9 million running tally.
  • House of Wax opened in Spain with $1,153,165 on 273 screens. This result is best described as mixed; on the one hand, it is one of the film's better openings, on the other hand, horror films usually do much better in Spain.
  • A Lot Like Love opened in Spain with $525,000 in 160 screens, barely enough for fifth place while the film fell more than 50% to $215,000 in the U.K.. On the other hand, the film was flat in Germany adding $370,000 to its $1.43 million running tally there. The film now has an international total of $13.8 million and should reach its domestic box office before too long.
  • The Descent opened in its native market of the U.K. and finished in third place with $990,000 on 329 screens, which isn't a bad start for a film that cost only $6 million to make.
  • Valiant opened in Spain over the weekend with $887,992 on 297 screens. It's hard to be too enthusiastic about a fourth place finish, but it's overall international box office of $25 million so far is not a bad result for a $40 million movie.
  • Boogeyman open in Italy, but unlike so many other films that have done that in the past few weeks, it didn't flop dramatically. In fact, its $791,000 wasn't that far off Sin City's opening a few weeks earlier. On the other hand, the film has only managed $14.6 million internationally with most of its run over.
  • Sin City fell by more than 50% during its second weekend in South Korea, earning $356,000 and is now just shy of $2 million in total. The film also opened in Sweden, taking in $378,000 in 52 theaters for a second place finish; that's about half of what War of the Worlds opened with over the weekend, which is a good result. It's best market overall is still the U.K. where the film managed $12.5 million out of its $37.4 million international total.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is coasting on holdovers at the moment but still did quote well over the weekend adding $600,000 in Germany to its $6.8 million total there. Relatively speaking, the film did better there than it did domestically, which is rare for comedies. On the whole, it has $41.3 million internationally and with quite a few major markets left the film is nowhere near done.
  • The Longest Yard opened in New Zealand with a respectable $267,000 on 48 screens, which was just enough to beat Madagascar for third place. The film fell out of the top ten in Australia with $115,000 and is now just past $8 million in that market as well as $2.7 million in Mexico.
  • Assault on Precinct 13 opened in South Korea, landing in seventh place with $377,000 in 84 theaters (including previews), and that pushed its international box office to $15 million.
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie again saw growth in Australia, reaching 8th place with $260,000, 17% more than last weekend and lifting its total to $970,000 there. The film also opened in Argentina with $32,000 and a tenth place finish, and in fact missing the top ten in its debut in New Zealand with just $48,000 (including previews). Normally this would be a huge disappointment, but this film seems to open poorly in most places then have inexplicably amazing legs.
  • Weak competition allowed The Interpreter to climb on the French chart, rising to 8th place with $330,000. That put its box office at $5.83 million in the market and $77.6 million internationally.
  • Monster-In-Law hung onto a spot in the top ten in France with $327,000 over the weekend for a total of $3.14 million in the market and $28.8 million internationally.
  • The Upside of Anger earned a $265,000, eighth place debut in Germany despite playing on only 68 screens; it also made $56,388 in Austria, but that was for the full week. So far the film has earned $5 million internationally, mostly in semi-limited release and mostly in Australia.
  • Sahara opened in Sweden with just $26,860 in 30 theaters, missing the top five by a large margin. It also crumbled in its third weekend in South Korea, falling to tenth place with just $105,000, down nearly 80% for a $2.89 million total in that market. On the other hand, the film managed a fourth place, $157,753 debut on 23 screens in Hong Kong, well ahead of the $102,000 opening by Madagascar, but that's little comfort to a studio that spent $130 million to make the movie.
  • The Pacifier popped back into the top ten in France with $278,500 in 186 theatres for a $4.88 million running tally. Overall the film has $82 million internationally and $195 million worldwide.
  • Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants added another $192,000 in Australia this weekend and now is just shy of $1 million in that market. It had another disappointing opening, bringing in $30,000 on 20 screens in New Zealand, and missing the top ten in the process. Most films of this nature and target demographic do poorly internationally, and it looks like this film will be no exception.
  • Kung Fu Hustle added $51,000 to its box office in Russia, which now totals $510,000. The film also managed $140,000 in the U.K. to push its total in that market to just shy of $2 million. Overall the film has $78.8 million internationally and $95.7 million worldwide.
  • Dus earned $180,000 on just 22 screens in the U.K., which was the second best per screen average in the market.
  • Flight of the Phoenix opened in Germany with $167,123 for the week, just missing the top ten. The film has really struggled during its international run with its best markets being Spain ($2,430,993) and Mexico ($1,093,204), and overall the film has only made $12.5 million internationally.
  • National Lampoon's Gold Diggers opened in Russia with $162,000 since it opened on Thursday, which was strong enough for a surprising fourth place finish.
  • Melinda and Melinda managed yet another top ten finish in Germany slipping by just 10% to $144,000 and now has earned $588,000 in the market. It also opened in the top ten in Hungary with $17,000 on five screens.
  • My Summer of Love held up well in semi-limited release in both Australia (down 18% to $45,000) and Germany (down 36% to $75,000 for the week). So far the film has earned $1.32 million internationally, mostly from its native market of the U.K..
  • Riding Giants opened in Germany with $102,506 for the week, strong enough for 14th place despite playing on just 24 screens. That's a better opening than in Australia, which is strange since you would have to assume that market would have a bigger surfing culture.
  • Son of the Mask opened in Argentina but did no better there than it has in most markets with just $72,500 on 55 screens. It was even weaker in Taiwan finishing in seventh place with $27,500 on 12 screens. That does give the film $38 million internationally with at least one more major market to go (Spain on the 22nd), however, even if the film earns more there than any other market, it still won't be enough given the film's $100 million price tag.
  • Racing Stripes fell out of the top ten in Spain with just $92,500 for an $880,000 total in the market. On the other hand, its $34 million international total is better than expected.
  • After climbing from sixth to third in Russia last week, Guess Who made the same trip in reverse this week. It did add $64,000 to its $590,000 total in the market and now has $19.1 million internationally.
  • The Yes Men opened in semi-limited release in Australia earning $35,000 (including previews), on just 13 screens.
  • The Beat My Heart Skipped rose by 15% in Australia to $29,000 for the weekend and $84,000 total.
  • DiG! added $18,800 in its second weekend of limited release in the U.K. for a $68,700 running tally.
  • Bad Education opened in Taiwan over the weekend and finished in eighth place with $18,500 despite playing in only 3 theaters.
  • After last week's previews, Rock School opened with $16,947 on 9 screens.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants added another $16,000 during its second week in Sweden for a $40,000 total in the market, which is just a tiny portion of the film's $52.1 million international box office.
  • Overnight opened in only 4 theaters in the U.K., but brought in $15,577 over the week. If the documentary has any sort of legs at all it will earn more money than the movie in chronicles did.
  • The Machinist opened in Holland with $15,500 on 5 screens.
  • Fat Albert is just the latest in a series of films to crash and burn in Italy as it managed just $14,000 in 20 theaters over the weekend.
  • Coach Carter opened in Taiwan with $13,500. So far the film has only made $7.7 million internationally, $3.0 million of which came from the U.K.
  • Five Children and It opened in New Zealand and had one of the worst openings I can remember, earning just $6,000 on 42 screens.

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