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Batman the Biggest on IMAX

August 17th, 2005

There hasn't been much news lately with IMAX releases since the last IMAX only release opened January. There have been a few IMAX Experiences of major Hollywood releases, but they only announce those box offices when a record is broken. Like now.

The IMAX edition of Batman Begins has earned $14.5 million worldwide on the really big screen making it the highest grossing 2-D Hollywood title ever. The previous record holder was Matrix Reloaded with $14 million. Batman Begins' reign on top may be short-lived as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory broke the single week record at $2.2 million and should have the legs to take the lead.

Also of note, Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk reached $10 million during the past week, nearly 3 years after it was first released.

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