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Movie Website Updates for August 12 - August 18

August 18th, 2005

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, including this week's winner, Into the Blue - Official Site.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin
This week the clips and interviews were added putting the total number of video clips on the site to more than 5 dozen clips, nearly half of which are interview segments with some of the cast and crew. I haven't actually done the math, but I think it would take longer to watch all the clips on the site than it would to watch the actually movie.

Aeon Flux
The theatrical trailer was added to the site this week and I must say that I was not blown over by it. It doesn't look like it captured the style of the cartoon it is based on, but at the same time doesn't have enough substance to stand on its own.

The Brothers Grimm
Two more additions to the Gilliam on Grimm sections this week, which combine text and audio to great effect.

C.S.A. The Confederate States of America
The Timeline was added to the site and it is an interesting read. I particularly like the Newfoundland Missile Crisis. There's actually a Canadian movie where Newfoundland acquires a nuclear submarine, but I can't recall the name at the moment.

The new trailer is up, but I can't say I'm excited. In fact, this is the first Pixar film that I wasn't immediately hooked the first time I saw the trailer. That doesn't mean it won't be a great movie, it just means they will have a tougher time selling me on the project.

The flash site launched, but it's a case of old content with a new format. It's not a bad site, and it does have a lot of potential, it's just that there's too much marked coming soon to judge that.

First Descent
Just the synopsis, cast bios, and the trailer so far but there's plenty of time to add more content.

Flight Plan
Another flash site that launched this week, this one also has too much missing to judge. The bios and production notes are missing, the images won't work for me, and the only extra is marked coming soon.

A History of Violence
The rest of the regular features were added to the sits this week, (production notes, gallery, and the trailer) plus a couple of extras, (Q&A section and a link to the video blog.) The last two features give a good behind-the-scenes look at the film and its creator.

Into the Blue
The latest design for this site is finally something worth surfing over to. All the regular features appear on the map on the ship, (synopsis, cast & crew bios, image gallery, and trailer.) Here you can also find some incredibly detailed production notes, but the real heart of the site is the diving / exploration portion. Here you can find bonus content like wallpapers and AIM icons, information on free diving and a stop watch to test how long you can hold your breath. However, it's not just point and click, you have to find the harpoon to get past the shark, for instance, adding another level of interactivity to the site. I still get the nagging feeling that the movie has little to draw in moviegoers, but at least the website is winner of the moistened Weekly Website Award.

Typical placeholder site with just the synopsis, image gallery, and trailer. The movie is considered an early Oscar contender but I think those expectations hurt the trailer. It's very good for a teaser trailer, but until I see more I don't know if it will meet high expectations.

Just Like Heaven
A second trailer was added to the site, which have a little more heart and a little less fluff than the first one. I'm very much looking forward to the movie.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Val Kilmer's going back to comedy! He got my letters! Anyhoo, so far the site only has the trailer, but it's worth checking out as the paring of Val Kilmer and Robert Downey, Jr looks inspired.

Now and Forever
Simple site with most of the regular features but not much style.

Red Eye
Just in time for tomorrow's opening, a new interactive section was added to the site. Board the Red Eye is interesting and sets the mood well, but is more of a clickfest than a real interactive feature. To be really interactive, it must be branching, i.e. there must be real options for the surfing. However, that kind of feature is so rare that it nearly guarantees the site the weekly website award.

Reel Paradise
Not much has changed since the site was first on the list.

Roll Bounce
The image creator was added to the site and it allows you to create wallpapers, stickers and more.

The flash underwent a redesign, but while it is a lot better than the old one, it still doesn't sell the film very well. Then again, I don't think anything could sell this movie to me.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Just the basics with a little bit of animation and no sound.

Transporter 2
The bios were added to the site, as were a couple of clips. It looks like everything that made the first movie such a guilty pleasure, with an emphasis on the pleasure. Great fights scenes that are heavy on the style, but not so much on the reality.

The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till
Just the trailer so far.

A couple more games were added to the site, so there's plenty here for kids to do.

It doesn't say so on the site yet, but the move's been pushed back till the spring. But given its September release date that is probably a good thing.

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