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Charlie has his own Cinderella Story

September 21st, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was able to remain in top spot on the international charts with $11.5 million on 4,113 screens in 53 markets for a running tally of $175 million internationally. Highlights this weekend include a trio of first place premieres in South Korea with $1.57 million on 106 screens, in Norway with $1.15 million on 97, and in Sweden with $534,000 on 125. Still, its best market in terms of raw dollars remains Japan where the film repeated at number one with $3.17 million on 359 screens, which was down 25% from last weekend, about average for the market.

Cinderella Man climbed into second place with $8.5 million on 3,250 screens for a early international box office of $16 million. Its best market was Japan where the film opened in seventh with $1.8 million on 250 screens, slightly better than fellow boxing flick, Million Dollar Baby. On the other hand, in France it earned only $1.1 million on 385 screens, significantly behind the latter film's debut. In South Korea it opened with $1 million on 150 screens after last week's preview. Holdovers were generally excellent for the film. For instance, it was down just 20% in the U.K. at $780,000 on 391 screens and down just 5% in Mexico with $642,000 on 300 screens. That should help the film's international run outpace its domestic run, but it will still need to wait until the home market to have any hope of showing a profit.

Fantastic Four opened in its last two major markets scoring a first place, $4.9 million opening on 551 screens in Italy and a fifth place $1.8 million opening on 453 screens in Japan. Overall the film added $7.4 million to its international total of $158.8 million.

Madagascar fell another couple of spots to fourth with $5.35 million this weekend for a $316 million total. Most of its weekend haul came from Italy where the film dropped to second place with $3.18 million on 448 screens for a $21.36 million running tally there

Pride and Prejudice had just one opening to start its international run, but what an opening. The film finished in first place by a mile with $4.57 million on 397 screens in the U.K., which was enough for the film to snag fifth place on the overall charts.

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