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Another Week, Another Milestone for Potter

December 7th, 2005

For the third week in a row, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire expanded on the international scene, and that allowed its overall box office to remain nearly flat with $92.6 million on more than 11,600 screens in 57 markets. Its total has now reached $330.6 million, putting it fourth for the year, just behind Madagascar, and just outside the top thirty all-time, while its worldwide total of $560 million is third for the year and 30th all-time.

New openings for Goblet of Fire this weekend include the second best opening the France at $19.7 million on 950 screens, the fourth best in South Korea with $6.2 million on 331 and the fifth best in Australia at $9.5 million on 552 screens. Smaller openings include $790,000 on 85 screens in South Africa and a record setting $558,000 in Venezuela, also on 85 screens. Major market holdovers ranged from a 23% drop-off in Japan to $8.6 million on 858 screens, to 48% in Italy to $4.4 million on 694 screens. The film is also still tops in the U.K. with $8.7 million on 1,300 screens, in Germany with $6.2 million on 1,256 screens, in Spain to $4.4 million on 531 screens, and many more markets. There are not many notable markets left for the film to open in, but there is Hong Kong on the 22nd and Russia on the 23rd.

It's been a long time between openings for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but it finally opened in Japan and Italy over the weekend, taking in a combined $8.4 million. $5.2 million of that came from 418 screens in Japan, while the rest came from Italy on 517 screens. That pushed its international total to $252 million and $439 million worldwide, which is more than enough to show a very healthy profit.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose remained in third place over the weekend with a slightly weaker $7.4 million on 2,528 screens, lifting its totals to $42.5 million internationally and $117 million worldwide. The film's best market was the U.K. where it was down 43% to $1.37 million on 360 screens.

A strong Italian opening helped Chicken Little climb a spot to fourth with $7.1 million on 2,633 screens in 25 markets for a $41.2 million international box office so far. In Italy it earned $2.0 million on 474 screens, but set a record for an animated film in Singapore at $625,000 on 35.

Just Like Heaven may have climbed into the top five this weekend, but its $6.1 million on 1,700 screens in 25 markets is not a particularly good result. It opened in third place in Germany with $1.15 million on 273 screens, while in Spain it had to settle for fourth with $1.16 million on 212 screens.


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