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Movie Websites Launches for December 2 - January 2

January 2nd, 2004

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. This week we have a very abridged list due to the holidays; in fact, the list is so abridged I contemplated not giving an award this week. In the end I gave the award for the week to King Arthur - Official Site - for excellence in a placeholder site. (Hopefully the full site will not let me down.) If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

13 going on 30
Current Content: Typical Sony placeholder site with just the synopsis.

A Cinderella Story
Current Content: Nothing, just the name and a note saying, 'Website coming soon.'

Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind
Current Content: The Lacuna site went through a major change in format. But even so, most of the content is still marked coming soon. They do have the commercial from the first design, and now a free evaluation test. There are sections for Testimonials and Contact information, but they have very little content in them. And the other three sections are marked coming soon.

Japanese Story
Current Content: There has been no change in the site since I first reviewed it. It still has a lot of text content, a little animation and no sound outside the trailer.

King Arthur
Current Content: This site has two versions of the trailer, the regular version and a flash enhanced version. The flash enhanced version contains extra information on the people involved in the legend of King Arthur. This includes some short behind the scenes clips. This is an amazing amount of content for just a placeholder site, and gave the site this week’s regal Weekly Website Award.

Latter Days
Current Content: A lot of the site is still marked coming soon, including the director’s notes, images and a discussion board. It has most of the usual features like synopsis, trailer and cast and crew list, (no bios.) However, there is not animation and sound, so the format is not engaging.

Secret Things
Current Content: A very simple site with just the synopsis, cast and crew (only the director has a bio) a few images and review and a press kit, both in .PDF format.

Two Brothers
Current Content: Just the placeholder site with the synopsis, trailer and some images.

That’s it for the week. There are many reasons for this including the holidays and lack of new releases. Next week, if my internet connection is a little more reliable, I will get together a super-sized edition of the weekly website award to make up for the abridged editions of the past two weeks.

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