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The Barbers Finish on Top while the Hockey Stars fail to win Gold

February 9th, 2004

February started out strong, at least compared to January, with two of the three wide releases performing strongly. And even though we saw a sharp 17% increase from last weekend, 2004 continues losing ground to 2003. It fell 8% from last same weekend last year and maintaining its year to date decline of 8%. And next week 50 First Dates will need a near record performance lest 2004 drop even further back.

Barbershop 2 easily outperformed the original taking in $24.2 million, an increase of almost 20%. But with the sequel effect and slightly weaker reviews, it is less likely the total box office will match the originals, much less surpass it by that much. However, with a total budget of just $50 million it will come close enough that even with weak international run and poor home market sales it will still show a profit.

Not one did Miracle beat expectations earning an impressive $19.4 million, it entered the top ten Hockey movies of all time. In fact, it may have done that in just one day. Like I said on Friday, Hockey isn't that popular in the States. On the down side, its $60 million production budget is the highest in the top five. And given the subject matter it is unlikely to match its domestic run internationally, even in places where Hockey is popular the American patriotism won't help attract an audience. But given its excellent reviews and its more mature demographic, Miracle should have long enough legs to show a profit early in its home market run.

You Got Served became the first film of 2004 to open in first place and then drop more than 50% the next weekend, a feat that was common in 2003. It's second weekend take of $7.5 million is almost as much as it cost to make, but with a P&A budget more than double its production budget, it still has a ways to go before it shows a profit.

Along Came Polly has shown the best legs of 2003 earning its fourth finish in the top five. Adding another $6.8 million with weekend brought its total to $75 million, almost twice as much as the second place film for 2004, The Butterfly Effect.

Speaking of which, The Butterfly Effect matched predictions almost exactly taking in $6.5 million. As it starts shedding theatres, drop-offs will increase. But it has already earned more than the studio was expecting, so they should be happy.

The same can't be said for Catch that Kid, which only managed $5.8 million and a sixth place finish for its opening weekend. Poor reviews hurt the films chances, but given its target audience it shouldn't have hurt that much. This could mean this particular genre has been overdone recently. And that doesn't bode well for next month's release of Agent Cody Banks 2.

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