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Passion Drops Post-Easter but Still Stays on Top

April 20th, 2004

The Passion of the Christ saw large drop-offs in many international markets but openings in nine others helped stabilize its overall box office. Maybe. I'm getting some conflicting reports on the box office figures. $14.6 or $25 is the two prevailing estimates I've found. I do believe the $25 million is for the whole week while the $14.6 million is for the weekend.

Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed held well this weekend taking in another $12.2 million. Worldwide its total is now well clear of $100 million and its international numbers are doing much better compared to its domestic numbers.

Making its first appearance in the top five internationally was Secrect Window. It earned most of its $6.8 million take from mildly strong opening in three larger markets: Italy, France and Spain.

A handful of new openings helped Starsky and Hutch maintain its fourth place with $6.5 million. Most of its international take is still in English-speaking markets, but the film opened reasonably well in Mexico and Spain over the weekend.

Like the previous film, 50 First Dates is doing most of its business in English-speaking markets. Especially impressive was its 14% drop-off for its second weekend of release in the U.K., which helped it earn $5.5 million for the weekend.

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