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Harry Potter 3 is Number 1 for the 4th Week

June 29th, 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban finished first for the fourth weekend in a row with an amazing $40.9 million. That's represents a tiny decrease from last weekend. A large chuck of that figure came from Japan where the film earned $17.5 million on 782 screens. Also helping was Germany, Italy, U.K. and France being eliminated from Euro 2004. Those four nations represent 260 million people whom were closely following the soccer tournament in Portugal, which hurt the overall box office numbers. Internationally the film has now earned $321 million, putting it in second place for the year and just behind E.T. for 25th all time. Worldwide its $533 million is also second for the year but 28th all time.

Number one opening in France helped Shrek 2 to a very close second place with $36.1 million, if you exclude the sneak peaks in the U.K. It is still breaking records is almost every territory, but comparisons with Finding Nemo were not quite as strong as they were last week. This means the race for the International Animation Title is a little more in doubt and depends on whether Shrek can match Nemo's legs. Since it has such a huge lead domestically, Shrek 2 should become the biggest animated film worldwide.

The Day After Tomorrow was just the third film to hit $300 million internationally this year after its third place $13.2 million performance this weekend. It may take a couple more weeks, but the end of world thriller should hit $500 million worldwide.

Perhaps wrapping up its run on the top five was Troy with $7.4 million on more than 4,300 screens in 60 markets. Currently the film has made $327.3 million internationally and will finish with under $500 million worldwide. That's a strong showing, but possibly not up to studio expectations.

Rounding out the top five for the second weekend in a row is Mean Girls with $4.2 million. The Lindsay Lohan vehicle was a surprise hit this spring and it may duplicate that success internationally, where it has already earned $8.5 million in just 9 markets so far.

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