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Quartet Battle for Limited Dollars

July 2nd, 2004

Despite the massive competition with Spider-man 2, several smaller films are going up against it. And not only are several of them opening, they are opening in many more theatres than limited releases usually open in.

America's Heart and Soul - Reviews
Some are calling this film Disney's antidote to Fahrenheit 9/11. And given the merely average reviews, and decidedly below average from the cream of the crop reviewers, the political intrigue surrounding the movie may be more engaging that the film itself.

Before Sunset - Reviews
Easily the best reviewed limited release of the week, in fact, it beat Spider-Man 2. Sequel to Befoire Sunrise, another independent film that was held in very high regard. The movie's essentially a 90 minute conversation, which is not the most intriguing idea for a movie, but this one is so well written and acted that the film remains interesting throughout.

The Clearing - Reviews
The first Robert Redford film to play in The Sundance Film Festival, which he founded. The film tells the story of a successful businessman who is kidnapped by another man whose life had turned out the way he wanted, and that's being generous. He's a loser who hopes the ransom will turn his life around. The film has a great cast, but unfortunately doesn't do enough with them.

De-Lovely - Reviews
Amazing music is the saving grace of this film. That is not to say the rest of the film is bad, it's just a little cliché at times. If you like Cole Potter music, then the film's worth a rental and the soundtrack's worth picking up.

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