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Spider-man, Spider-man, Does Whatever a Spider Can

July 2nd, 2004

Just the one film opening this weekend, but it's a monster. It's also going to suck all the box office away from the other movies. Last weekend we had seven films break $10 million, this weekend even with the 4th of July boost we might only have three or four films do the same.

Spider-man 2 had a huge start on Wednesday taking in a record $40.4 million. However, Thursday's number was a disappointing $23 million, and that makes $100 million weekend a lot tougher. However, $95 million is nothing to be disappointed with and will still break records by the time the long weekend is over.

With a theatre count that has doubled since last weekend, Fahrenheit 9/11 should nearly match last weeks numbers of $24 million. Add that to the $39 million the film as already earned and it puts it ahead of all widescreen documentaries, concert footage and all. Next up, overtaking the IMAX film To Fly! and the crown for undisputed documentary champion of all time.

The battle for second place last weekend was close. This weekend the same two films will battle for third place and it could be even closer. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story should show stronger legs earning just over $10 million while White Chicks will finish with just under $10 million.

There will be an equally close battle for fifth place with The Terminal earning just more than $8 million while The Notebook will have to settle for just under $8 million and sixth place.

Continuing Shrek Watch 2004, the film became the faster ever to cross $400 million doing it in just 43 day. Wow. This weekend the film will earn $6 million surpassing Spider-Man for fifth on the All-Time Charts

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