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Don't Hate the Limited Releases

July 30th, 2004

Limited releases are usually darlings of movie critics, but not this week as we have two that are really being beaten up. Fortunately, we also have two that are in the aforementioned critical darling category.

Garden State - Reviews
This film was nearly never made as writer / director / star Zach Braff shopped the project around to several studios without any interest. And then he starred in the hit comedy, Scrubs and he was finally able to get backing. And it was definitely worth the wait as the reviews are simply awesome. The film opened on Wednesday in 9 theatres and expands early in August.

Intimate Strangers - Reviews
Battling with Garden State for the best reviewed movie of the week. A woman opens the wrong door entering what she thinks is the office of a psychiatrist, but is in fact the office of a tax accountant. Instead of correcting her, he plays along and becomes her therapist, but what will happen when she finds out about his deception? And is she really who she says she is? This fascinating movie opens in five theatres tonight.

Protues - Reviews
Set in 18th century South America, this film is based on real-life events. Reviews are few and far between, and mostly quite negative.

She Hate Me - Reviews
The film tells the story of a whistle-blower who was fired from his job so he impregnates lesbians for a living. This film is easily getting the worst reviews in Spike Lee's career. The film also opened on Wednesday in Los Angeles and New York, but it opened in 11 theatres.

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