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Robot Tops Very Light Competition

August 10th, 2004

With the summer juggernauts mostly wrapping up their runs, and very little in the way of new competition, I, Robot easily finished first on the international box office charts. Its weekend earnings of $31.3 million on more than 6,000 screens in 29 markets was nearly triple what the nearest competitor could take in. The film opened number one in the U.K. (8.7 million), Germany ($5.3 million) and Russia ($2.4 million) as well as strong holdovers in France ($2.6 million) and other nations. The film has already earned $71.2 million internationally, and should top its domestic numbers within a few weeks.

A record opening in China helped Spider-man 2 stay in second place with $12.2 million on 6,430 screens in 66 markets. Its international total is now $329.1 million with a worldwide total nearing $700 million.

Despite opening in five more markets, including two major one, King Arthur saw it numbers drop slightly this week to $10.2 million. The real issue is the huge drops including 60% in the U.K. and 45% in Japan, (which is very large for that market.) On the good side, the film has already topped its domestic total with $51.3 million.

Repeating in fourth place was Shrek 2 with $7.0 million. The film hit a major milestone this week as its worldwide total hit $808 million. It is just the 12th film to do so and only the second animated film. There is still a bit of a gap between it and the number one animated film, Finding Nemo. But unless Shrek 2 bombs in Italy, it should eventually take top spot. The real question is whether The Incredibles can take it back.

Rounding out the top five was Starship Surprise - Period 1 with $6.3 million in just 3 territories. Even though the film has only opened in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it has already made $52.1 million. How it will do when it expands is still a mystery, but it is already one of the biggest surprise hits at the international box office.

Other highlights on the international scene include:

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban opened first in Finland with $953,000 on 70 screens. Its weekend earnings of $5.5 million pushed its international total to $491 million. It has a good chance at being the number one film on the international box office for 2004.
  • 13 Going on 30 opened in second place in the U.K. but could only take sixth place in France. It did have a weekend total of $3.3 million and an international total $6.3 million.
  • Garfield opened in several smaller markets pushing its weekend figure to $3.3 million and its worldwide total to just over $100 million.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick had its best opening so far as it made $1.9 million in Japan. But big drop-off in Australian, as well as other markets means it won't have a strong international showing. For the weekend it took in $2.6 million for an 18 market total of just $9.6 million so far.
  • Catwoman managed a second place finish is Spain with $1.3 million, but with only $2.3 million in 9 markets, it is not fairing well.
  • Thunderbirds continues to under-perform in the international market taking in just $2.1 million over the weekend and $8.6 million overall in 9 territories
  • A Day Without a Mexican opened in Mexico to $1.6 million, roughly half what it earned in total domestically.
  • Man on Fire debuted with a first place finish in Australia at $1.4 million, but could only manage $100 thousand in New Zealand.
  • White Chicks also opened in Australia, but could only manage $995,000.
  • Collateral opened day and date in four Asian markets taking in $982 thousand over the weekend.
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 earned over $750 thousand in Germany over the weekend. Full international numbers are unavailable at this time.

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