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Robot Takes Gold

August 17th, 2004

It's a little early to say what effect the 2004 Summer Olympics will have on the box office, but the early indication is that Eurocup 2004 had a larger effect. I, Robot hit its first international milestone topping the $100 million mark and now sits at $107.7 million. It accomplished this feat by taking in $18.8 million on more than 5,300 screens in 34 markets over the weekend. With Japan and Italy still ahead, $300 million worldwide is almost guaranteed while $200 million internationally is not out of the question.

Several more number one openings helped push King Arthur into second place in the charts this weekend. The medieval tale took in $12.2 million in 30 markets to raise its international total to $70.9 million. $100 million internationally and $150 million worldwide should be attainable, and will save more than a few jobs.

The Obon holiday in Japan helped Spider-man 2 cross $700 million worldwide. After earning another $9.2 million in 64 markets, the Marvel web-slinger now sites at $348.7 million internationally. And with Italy and Portugal up ahead, the film would be in a really tight race with its predecessor.

Stuck in fourth place is Shrek 2 with $6.0 million. The film had a strong $500 thousand opening in China, but that was barely more than half of Finding Nemo's opening. On the plus side, the film should hit $400 million internationally next weekend with openings in Russia and other smaller markets.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban climbed back into the top five with $5.6 million. The film also became just the tenth film to hit $500 million internationally and the 16th film to reach $750 million worldwide. There's a definite downward trend at the box office with the franchise, however, even if this keeps up at this pace the seventh and final film will still earn $300 - $400 million worldwide. It is more likely that remaining films will level out at the $700 million range.

Other highlights on the international scene include:

  • Bourne Supremacy had its first taste of the international box office coming in first in the U.K. with $5.0 million, if you count previews.
  • Catwoman bombed in the U.K. with only $1 million, but managed first place finished elsewhere to reach $4 million this weekend and $9.2 million overall.
  • 13 Going on 30 had solid openings in mostly smaller markets but it was a very strong sophomore stint in the U.K. that helped it earn $3.0 million this weekend and raise its international total to $13.8 million so far.
  • Hellboy earned top spot in France with $2 million and now has made $12.2 million internationally.
  • Garfield also opened in France earning $1.7 million. The film has made $35.5 million in 28 markets so far and looks capable of beating its domestic total.
  • Alien vs. Predator took in a cool $1 million on 260 screens in Thailand.
  • The Village opened in Poland and Taiwan earning $741 thousand.
  • Collateral added a number one opening in Singapore with $294 thousand to raise its international haul to just shy of $700 thousand for the weekend and $2.118 million total.
  • Man on Fire flopped in Mexico with just $588 thousand, probably due to the subject matter of the movie.
  • A Cinderella Story had its first dip in the international market earning and strong $133 thousand on just 22 screens in the Philippines.

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