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Darkness Falls, the latest in a resurgence of low budget horror, to be released January 24th.

January 5th, 2003

Darkness Falls, which has gone under four other names (including The Tooth Fairy and Don’t Peek) and two other release dates (December 6th, 2002 and January 31st, 2003) look like it’s finally set to be released on January 24th. In recent months several low budget horror flicks have been released, some with higher budgets (The Ring) and others with lower budgets (They), but none lower than Darkness Falls.

With an estimated budget of only $7 million and a first time director Jonathan Liebesman and two first time stars in Emma Caulfield and Chaney Kley, Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures can’t rely on star power and big budget FX to draw the crowds in. Darkness Falls does have three points going for it. Firstly, Emma Caulfield’s role as Anya on the cult TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer should help draw in some fans. Secondly, the only other movie opening that weekend is A View From the Top, (which suffered through more schedule changes than Darkness Falls.) And lastly, the low budget means Darkness Fall only needs to make $30 million domestically to be considered a surprise hit. For further information, please visit the Official Site.

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