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Arnie and Pirates are The Numbers' Biggest Draws in August

September 2nd, 2003

Even The Numbers can't escape the California recall election. For the second month running, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the proud owner of our most-visited actor page, pushing Viggo Mortensen into second place. Mortensen had dominated our rankings for almost two years (and would make a great Governor of California, if you ask me...).

Rising stars among the actors: Colin Farrell (up 36 places to 6th in the chart); Brittany Murphy (up 20 to 9th), Kevin Costner (up 73 places to 12th) and Shia Labeouf (up 24 places to 19th).

Gigli boosted the page views for Ben Affleck (moving him up 24 places to 11th) and Jennifer Lopez (up 16 places to 41st). We think the effect will be temporary.

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On the movie front, Pirates of the Caribbean continued its strong run, rising above Terminator 3 to top the charts. Freddy vs. Jason slashed its way to number 2 in our chart, backed by some strong box office numbers. Gigli was 4th, backed by just about the worst box office numbers anyone had ever seen (until Grind (18th in our rankings) came out).

Among future releases, The Battle of Shaker Heights has been getting surprising amounts of traffic and sits at number 8 in our chart. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (42nd) still generates the most long-term buzz, although Troy (37th) is also garnering a lot of interest.

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