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On the Winning Side

September 9th, 2003

Taking Sides topped this week's per theatre average chart with a solid $11,026 average. This was just ahead of the second place film, Touchez Pas au Grisbi (a.k.a. Hands of the Loot or Grisbi) which had an average of $10,837. Both movies are playing in just two theatres this week.

No wide release is doing well and only three movies in the top ten are playing in more than a handful of theaters. Step Into Liquid was in tenth place with just over $334,000 in 83 theatres. Thirteen was sixth with $625 thousand in 108 theatres (both numbers were the best in the top ten. ) And American Splendor was fourth in its fourth week with $581 thousand in 88 theatres.

Again finishing last out of all the movies tracked was Marci X, which only managed $113 average in an amazingly high 274 theatres.

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