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Cruelty: Part 2

November 4th, 2003

It was a fascinating weekend at the international box office full of twists and surprises … I'm only kidding. The top five was exactly the same as last weekend. Same five movie, in the same order.

Holdovers were very kind to Intolerable Cruelty, which added $10.7 million to its international run. With that, the film passed its domestic total of $31.9 million by a clear margin. The film is showing much better legs internationally, especially in Australia (down 22%), the U.K. (down 21%) and Spain (down just 10%). Its international box office could prove to be the film's saving grace.

As with the previous film, strong holdovers helped Kill Bill: Volume 1 into second place with $8.9 million. Kill Bill's best holdover performances came in Italy (down 18%) and Germany (down 14%.) Japan's numbers weren't available due to a holiday on Monday, but they were expected to be just as good.

Bad Boys II has just one more international opening in the works, and that's in Japan on the last weekend of November. Until then it will have to rely on holdovers to help it stay on the charts. This week another $6.5 million was added to its total of $110 million.

The international story for Finding Nemo has been the same since it opened in the U.K. four weekends ago. And with no new openings next weekend, it will probably be the same for one more week. This week's catch was $6.4 million, down slightly from last weekend. Its totals are now $151 million internationally (137th all-time) and $490 million worldwide (31st all-time, just ahead of fellow Pixar classic Toy Story 2.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen crossed the $100 million mark sometime mid-week. With the $4.6 million earned over the weekend, its international total climbed to $105.4 million.

This Wednesday, The Matrix Revolutions opens in an unprecedented 80 countries worldwide and should easily take top spot. But with no studio foolish enough to have a major international release to compete with it, the rest of the top five should look very similar to this week's, only with much smaller box offices.

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