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December 24th, 2003

Three movies open in limited release this week, two on Christmas, one more on Boxing Day. If you live in a bigger city and none of the wide releases interest you, you might want to check out these alternatives.

The Company - Reviews: Opening tomorrow in just two theatres company tells the story of the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and one their dancers. Overall the reviews are good, but there’s some concerns that people who don’t know enough about dancing, or too much, might not appreciate the film.

Monster - Reviews: Opening on Friday, Monster tells the true life story of a serial killer prostitute. The film is garnering the best reviews of the week; and its star, Charlize Theron, has earned a Golden Globe nomination.

The Young Black Stallion - Reviews: Opening in 51 Imax theatres on Christmas, this is the first feature film made by Disney exclusively for Imax. Although at only 45 minutes calling it a feature film is a bit of an overstatement. In fact, that‘s the most common complaint the reviewers have leveled against it.

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