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Get Hard Tops Soft Home Market

July 22nd, 2015

Get Hard

Only one of the new releases for June 30th was a really big seller on the DVD and Blu-ray chart for July 5th. That was Get Hard, which led the way with 503,000 units / $8.81 million during its first week of release. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 31%. This is lower than the market average, but not that bad for a comedy.

The Kingsman: Secret Service slipped to second place with 139,000 units / $2.34 million over the week for totals of 1.23 million units / $19.82 million after about a month of release. Last Knights opened in third place with 120,000 units / $1.39 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was also 31%, which is really low for an action film, but it was also a VOD debut and that generally hurts Blu-ray sales more than DVD sales. I assume this is because people who only have a DVD player likely don't have a setup that can deal with VOD releases. Despicable Me 2 rose to fourth place with 98,000 units / $1.08 million over the week for totals of 13.44 million units / $233.09 million. The film has now spend 60 weeks in the top 30 on DVD sales chart. Teen Beach 2 rose to fifth place on the combined chart, even though it is only been released on DVD. It sold 25% more units reaching 88,000 units / $1.30 million over the week for totals of 158,000 units / $2.33 million after two weeks of release. It also had one of the best ratings for a Disney Channel Original Movie in the past few years, so the studio should be very happy with these results.

The next best new release was The Gunman, which only managed tenth place with 68,000 units / $1.25 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 45%, which is the only positive thing to say about the film's entire box office / home market run so far.

The overall Blu-ray sales chart was stronger when compared to last week up 15% in terms of units and 12% in terms of revenue. (We had some readjustments to last week's numbers and they were not good for Blu-ray.) Compared to last year, the Blu-ray sales market was more mixed. There were 2.5% more units sold, but the revenue was still 12% lower. The overall Blu-ray share was just 29%. That is higher than the adjusted Blu-ray share from last week (28%) and last year (27%). Things will get better when the summer blockbusters start coming out.

The overall DVD market was also better than last week with 10% more units sold and 15% higher revenue generated. Compared to last year, things are not as rosy with 5.8% fewer units sold, while the revenue was 12% lower.

Next week's new releases are among the worst we've seen this summer. The Pick of the Week was Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, which wasn't even released on DVD or Blu-ray. There is good news, as the new releases from last year were just as bad. The Raid 2 was the best-selling new Blu-ray, while Bad Words was the best new release on DVD. I'm not looking forward to the results.


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