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Home Market Numbers: Mad Max Chases Away the Competition

September 28th, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

There were eight releases from the week of September 1st to reach the top 30 on the combined DVD and Blu-ray chart for September 6th. This includes Mad Max: Fury Road, which sold 1.04 million units and generated $23.75 million in sales. There are three important notes. Firstly, the film's opening week Blu-ray share was 56%, which is excellent. Secondly, this was the first release to have opening week sales above 1 million units since Home debuted five weeks ago. Finally, these numbers don't include the Franchise Box Set, which opened in 16th place with 27,000 units / $1.51 million.

Speaking of Home it returned to second place with 105,000 units / $2.42 million over the weekend for totals of 2.30 million units / $43.40 million after just over a month of release. Paw Patrol: Meet-Everest opened in third place with 71,000 units / $577,000, all of which was sold on DVD. The Walking Dead: Season Six fell from first to fourth with 70,000 units / $1.83 million for totals of 364,000 units / $9.58 million after two weeks of release. Aloha rounded out the top five with just 65,000 units / $1.02 million for the week for totals of 231,000 units / $3.66 million after two.

Texas Rising opened in sixth place with 55,000 units / $754,000. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 26%, which is actually reasonably good for a TV mini-series. Castle: Season 7 was right behind in seventh place with 48,000 units / $1.42 million. There was another pair of TV on DVD releases that debuted on the chart. The Vampire Diaries: Season 6 earned 12th place with 30,000 units / $841,000, while Star Wars Rebels: Season One was right behind with 30,000 units / $842,000. The two releases had opening week Blu-ray shares of 17% and 61% respectively. The final new release to chart was Boulevard, which opened in 18th place with 24,000 units / $245,000. Its opening week Blu-ray share was just 6%. Granted, it was Indie drama and those rarely do well on Blu-ray, but even so, this is a terrible result.

The overall Blu-ray market was... potent, to put it mildly. The market saw explosive growth compared to last week and last year. Week-over-week, Blu-ray sales increased by 88% in terms of units and 131% in terms of revenue. Year-over-year, the growth was not quite as strong, but there were still 58% more units sold and 87% more revenue generated. The DVD market was flat compared to last week and down compared year, which sent the overall Blu-ray share skyrocketing to 44% compared to 30% / 29% for last week / last year respectively.

Week-over-week, there was barely a change in the DVD market with 2.4% more units sold compared to last week, but the revenue was 0.6% lower. Compared to last year, things were not as rosy, as units were down 18% and revenue was down 28%.

Next week's new releases will be led by The Age of Adaline. Oh boy. I liked the movie, but there's no way it is going to be a big seller on the home market. On the other hand, last year's new releases were led by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That film sold more than four times as much on DVD than any other film sold combined, while its Blu-ray sales were nearly twice as much as its DVD sales. 2015 is going to be crushed next weekend.

- Combined Blu-ray and DVD Chart

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