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Per Theater Chart: Suffragette Voted Top Film on Per Theater Chart

October 27th, 2015


Suffragette started its potential Oscar-run earning first place on the per theater chart with an average of $19,056 in four theaters. That suggests room to grow, but perhaps not enough to expand truly wide. It will need to last in theaters long enough for Awards Season nominations to be announced and if it can do well then, it will boost its box office chances. Heart of a Dog was next with an opening of $13,893 in one theater. Room was the only holdover in the $10,000 club earning an average of $10,856 in 23 theaters. It will earn some measure of mainstream success, but unless Brie Larson earns some major Awards Season nominations, it won't expand truly wide.

The rest of the new limited releases ranged from fine to awful. I Smile Back earned an average of $7,879 in two theaters, which is fine for a limited release, but doesn't suggest potential to expand significantly. Nasty Baby earned an average of $4,012, also in two theaters. This isn't bad for a film playing on VOD as well. Shaandaar was playing in over 100 theaters and earned an average of $2,829. Blackhats was only playing in one theater and opened with $2,640. There were two films that opened below the Mendoza Line ($2,000), Julia and The Looking Glass, which earned averages of $422 and $107 respectively.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Goodbye, Mr. Loser crossed the $1 million mark before the weekend. It is already losing theaters, so it likely will not get to $2 million.
  • Steve Jobs expanded wide this past weekend and that helped it get past $5 million. It is nearly at $10 million, but since some people thought it would earn more than $20 million over the weekend, this is a huge disappointment.
  • Sicario remains the biggest limited release of the year reaching $35 million before the weekend, while it was very close to $40 million by the end of the weekend.
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