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Friday Estimates: Angry Birds have Nice Opening

May 21st, 2016

The Nice Guys

The Angry Birds Movie earned first place on Friday’s box office chart with $11 million. This is in line with our reduced prediction after Thursday’s previews. The film’s reviews have fallen to just 42% positive, while its CinemaScore is just a B+. Both of those results are fine, for a kids film, I guess. (It’s hard to get worked up either way.) It won’t have the same internal multiplier that Zootopia had, so look for an opening weekend of just under $40 million and more than $100 million domestically. The film cost $80 million to make, so Rovio Animation needs the film to make about $300 million worldwide to have a shot at breaking even. (Sony is taking a 7% cut to distribute the movie, but didn’t pay for its production or advertising.)

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is this year’s Ted 2, as it earned just $8.74 million on Friday. This is less than a half of what the original made a couple of years ago. Additionally, its reviews are a little weaker, while its CinemaScore was the same at B+. Look for just over $20 million over the weekend. There is some good news, as the movie only cost $35 million to make and will only need about $100 million worldwide to break even on the home market, eventually.

The Nice Guys was well back in fourth place with $3.88 million. It earned the best reviews of the three wide releases this weekend, but its CinemaScore was the worst at a B-. Black Comedies tend to struggle with moviegoers. The film should earn $11 million during its opening weekend, which is enough to save face, but not enough to be considered a hit, as it reportedly cost $50 million to make.

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