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Limited and VOD Releases: Mixed Reviews Plague Limited Releases as Son of Joseph Sole Exception

January 13th, 2017

The Son of Joseph

It’s a deceptively busy week as far as limited releases are concerned. On the one hand, we have release dates for 21 limited releases this week. On the other hand, there are none that are particularly strong. The only film earning overwhelmingly positive reviews is The Son of Joseph, but even this film has almost no shot at box office success. On the other hand, there are a lot of VOD releases this week. Maybe there’s something worth renting out there.

100 Streets - Reviews
Video on Demand
This is an ensemble drama that looks at a few stories taking place within 100 blocks of London. It’s got a great cast, but it has mixed reviews and it is playing on VOD, so it won’t go anywhere at the box office.

Alone in Berlin - Reviews
Video on Demand
Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson play a German couple living in Berlin during World War II. When their son dies on the front line, they begin spreading anti-Nazi postcards as a form of protest. This film is based on a real life story and the cast is amazing, so it is all the more disappointing that the film’s reviews are just 31% positive. Maybe if you really like the cast and are interested in the story, it is worth a rental on VOD. Maybe.

Claire in Motion - Reviews
Video on Demand
A woman’s life falls apart when her husband goes missing and everyone, including her children, believe he’s dead. She’s determined to keep looking, but what she finds shakes her to the core. This film’s reviews are almost at the overall positive level, which would be disappointing for a wide release. It will likely prove fatal for its box office chances, especially since it is also playing on VOD.

Reset - Reviews
Video on Demand
A documentary about the choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied and his attempt to revitalize the Paris Opera Ballet. The reviews are almost good enough to suggest it will do well in limited release; however, it is also playing on VOD, so it will likely find an audience there and not in theaters.

Some Like It Hot - No Reviews
When a man’s best friend dies, he decides he needs to reexamine his life and in the process might have found the woman of his life. There are no reviews, which isn’t uncommon for a Chinese film. The film earned nearly $60 million in its native market, while it has a shot at limited success in theaters here. I doubt it will get to $1 million, but it could come closer than most limited releases get.

The Son of Joseph - Reviews
This film is about a boy trying to track down his father in Paris. It is the best-reviewed new release of the week. In fact, it is not even close and it is the only film earning overwhelmingly positive reviews. On the other hand, it is a foreign-language film, so its potential to expand is extremely limited.

Secondary VOD Releases:
Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies - Reviews - Video on Demand
The Book of Love - Reviews - Reviews
The Crash - Reviews - Video on Demand
Go North - Reviews - Video on Demand
Pitchfork - Reviews - Video on Demand
The secondary VOD releases are certainly quantity over quality. Five films, but almost nothing worth the money.

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