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Thursday Night Previews: Fate Not Quite Furious with $10.4 million in Previews

April 14th, 2017

The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious got off to a fast start with $10.4 million during previews last night; however, this wasn’t as fast as I was expecting. No one really thought it would match Furious 7’s $15.4 million from 2015, but it needed to come closer with $12 million if it’s going to get to our prediction of $116 million for the weekend. It is better than the $9.5 million in previews that Logan earned earlier this year. Coincidentally, both of those films has nearly identical opening weekend / previews multipliers and if The Fate of the Furious matches them, it will pull in just under $97 million over the weekend. Other tracking numbers have it still topping The Jungle Book’s $103.26 million opening weekend from last year. Splitting the difference gets us an opening weekend of almost exactly $100 million. It’s hard to complain when a film nearly gets to $100 million during its opening weekend, but this is the problem with great expectations.

- Fate of the Furious Comparisons

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