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Chappaquiddick Trailer

March 9th, 2018

Historical drama starring Kate Mara, Jason Clarke, Ed Helms, and Bruce Dern opens April 6 ... Full Movie Details.

A recounting of the tragic events of the 1969 car accident involving U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and a young, female campaign worker who died at the scene. Kennedy left the scene of the accident and didn’t alert authorities for ten hours. What happens over the ensuing days reveals how one of the most powerful and influential political family dynasties in U.S. history orchestrated the truth behind the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. Their efforts to control the story in the press, run damage control, and preserve the family’s legacy is a story of the powerful and the untouchable. This tension-filled war room became Kennedy’s savior and nemesis, ultimately revealing his vulnerabilities, his damaged relationship with his father, Joe Kennedy Sr., all while testing his integrity and political future. As his brother John’s presidential promise to land a man on the moon unfolds, Kennedy considers his own legacy. This infamous incident will become a defining moment in his career, as he wrestles with his own moral compass, and ultimately puts his future in the hands of the American People.

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