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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Full List of 2007 Oscar Winners

Every year since 1998, we've been asking you to predict who will win at the annual Academy Awards.

As usual, Numbers readers were accurate in their predictions, this year picking 14 out of the 24 winners, including some very tight races - in particular picking out The Departed's Best Picture win. That's the eighth year out of ten that readers have correctly picked the top Oscar.

One disappointment this year was finally losing our 100% record on predicting the winner of Best Animated Feature. Our pick was Cars, but Happy Feet won on the night.

In the actor categories, we scored 3 out of 4, with only Alan Arkin's win for Little Miss Sunshine a (moderate) surprise. Over the last three years, we're still scoring 11 out of 12 in those categories.

As usual, the short subject film winners were hard to predict, although we did call correctly on West Bank Story. Ignoring the shorts, we scored 13 out of 21 across all categories. The biggest surprise on the night among the major categories was I Need to Wake Up winning best original song over the trio of contenders from Dreamgirls. The song from An Inconvenient Truth scored only 8.28% of the votes cast in that category. Another surprise was The Lives of Others winning Best Foreign Language Film over Pan's Labyrinth, although the German film did score a total of over 16% of the votes.

We're currently running the numbers on the competition. We'll announce results later in the week. It's too early to be sure, but it looks as though you'll have had to predicted a lot of winners to be in with a chance.

Here's the complete list of this year's Oscar winners, along with the percentage of Numbers readers who predicted they would win in our Predict the Academy Awards competition.

Lines in bold below indicate where our predictions where spot on.

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The Winners

Best Picture The Departed  (34.90%)
Animated Feature Happy Feet  (33.07%)
Directing The Departed Martin Scorsese (61.33%)
Actor in a Leading Role The Last King of Scotland Forest Whitaker (64.05%)
Actress in a Leading Role The Queen Helen Mirren (70.95%)
Actor in a Supporting Role Little Miss Sunshine Alan Arkin (21.69%)
Actress in a Supporting Role Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson (67.52%)
Art Direction El Laberinto del Fauno  (23.74%)
Cinematography El Laberinto del Fauno  (15.30%)
Costume Design Marie Antoinette  (38.10%)
Documentary Feature An Inconvenient Truth  (68.21%)
Documentary - Short Subject The Blood of Yingzhou District (20.36%)
Film Editing The Departed  (22.70%)
Foreign Language Film Das Leben der Anderen  (16.40%)
Makeup El Laberinto del Fauno  (38.76%)
Original Score Babel  (34.78%)
Original Song An Inconvenient Truth I Need to Wake Up (8.28%)
Animated Short The Danish Poet (7.23%)
Live Action Short West Bank Story (29.11%)
Sound Editing Letters from Iwo Jima  (33.83%)
Sound Mixing Dreamgirls  (45.61%)
Visual Effects Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest  (73.81%)
Adapted Screenplay The Departed  (52.31%)
Original Screenplay Little Miss Sunshine  (43.39%)