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Babel (2006)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $34,302,837Details
International Box Office $97,818,375
Worldwide Box Office $132,121,212
Home Market Performance
Domestic DVD Sales $31,475,498 Details
Total Domestic Video Sales $31,475,498
Further financial details...

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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics FreshAudience Upright
69% - Fresh
77% - Upright

Movie Details

Production Budget:$20,000,000
Domestic Releases: October 27th, 2006 (Wide) by Paramount Vantage
November 10th, 2006 (Expands Wide) by Paramount Vantage
Video Release: February 20th, 2007 by Paramount Home Video
MPAA Rating: R for violence, some graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use
Running Time: 143 minutes
Comparisons: vs. Synecdoche, New York
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Keywords: Deaf, Segments
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Production Companies: Anonymous Content, Una Produccion De Zeta Film, Central Films
Production Countries: Japan,
United States


Adriana Barraza    Amelia
Rinko Kikuchi    Chieko
Said Tarchani    Ahmed
Boubker Ait El Caid    Yussef
Elle Fanning    Debbie
Nathan Gamble    Mike
Mohamed Akhzam    Anwar
Peter Wight    Tom
Abdelkader Bara    Hassan
Mustapha Rachidi    Abdullah
Driss Roukhe    Alarid
Clifton Collins, Jr.    Officer at Border Crossing
Robert Esquivel    Luis
Michael Peņa    John - Border Patrol
Yuko Murata    Mitsu
Satoshi Nikaido    Kenji
Harriet Walter    Lilly
Trevor Martin    Douglas
Matyelok Gibbs    Elyse
Georges Bousquet    Robert
Claudine Acs    Jane
Andre Oumansky    Walter
Michael Maloney    James
Dermot Crowley    Barth
Wendy Nottingham    Tourist
Henry Maratray    Tourist
Linda Broughton    Tourist
Jean Marc Hulot    Tourist
Aline Mowat    Tourist
Liliane Escoza    Tourist
Lindsey Beauchamp    Tourist
Michel Dubois    Tourist
Shirley Dixon    Tourist
Patrick Lebre    Tourist
John O'Mohoney    Tourist
Mary Mitchell    Tourist
Edward Lyon    Tourist
Robert Fyfe    Tourist
Abdelaziz Merzoug    Waiter Casbah
Omar El Mallouli    Bus Driver
El Hassan Ait Bablal    Old Man in Car
Sfia Ait Benboullah    Anwar's Grandmother
Hammou Aghrar    Doctor/Vet
Mohamed Ait Lahcen    Sheik
Ali Hamadi    Moukadem
Lhacen Znin    Store Owner
Mustapha Amhita    Mohammed
Mohammed Amal El Koussi    Mohammed's Friend
Mohammed Nait Addi    Mohammed's Friend
Mohammed El Bouamraoui    Mohammed's Friend
Rahmoune Abdelhalim    Mohammed's Friend
Soukayna Ait Boufakri    Yamile
Youssef Boukioud    Police at Anwars
Khouyael Houssein    Police at Anwars
Alex Jennings    Ken Clifford
Commandant Mesbah    Helicopter Pilot
Timothy Peter Buxton    US Army Medic
Mohammed Ourjdal    US Army Medic
Aimee Meditz    Reporter US News
Mohammed Bennani    Moroccan Doctor
Wahiba Sahmi    Zohra
Fadmael Ouali    Yasira
Zahra Ahkouk    Jamila
Ehou Mama    Hassan's Wife
Rida Taya    Abdullah's 2-year old son
Salah Mezzi    Moroccan Police Officer
Mohammed Atkliss    Moroccan Police Officer
Monica del Carmen    Lucia
Rosa Reyes    Comadre
Damian Garcia    Amelia's Daughter
Barbarella Pardo    Amelia's Daughter
Ursula Garcia    Amelia's Daughter
Cynthia Montano    Patricia
Maripaz Lopez    Patricia's Mother
Romeo Echeverria Jimenez    Musician
Claudia Silvia Mendoza    Patricia's Grandmother
Norma Samarin    Patricia's Aunt
Polo Nuno    Jacinto
Jose Campas Aginaga    Amelias Grandfather
Miguel Maldonado Tinoco    Amelia's Father
Rosa Campas Maldonado    Amelia's Mother
Emilio Echevarria    Emilio
Aaron Spears    Officer
Jamie McBride    Bill Border Patrol
Ivor Shier    Helicopter Pilot
R.D. Call    FBI Interrogation Officer
Kumi Ohkawatsu    Teammate
Miyuki Tamada    Teammate
Hirotaka Nabeya    Referee
Kazuya Senzaki    Referee
Takanobu Imaizumi    Referee
Koji Yoshida    Volleyball Coach
Saki Kito    J-Pop Hostess
Tomomi Kosugi    J-Pop Hostess
Noemi Noemi    J-Pop Hostess
Rika Watanabe    J-Pop Hostess
Ran Saotome    J-Pop Hostess
Sanae Miura    Kumiko
Kazunori Sasaki    Young Man
Ryoji Takiguchi    Shocked Young Man
Shoushi Nakasone    Young Man's Friend
Jun Tanaka    Young Man's Friend
Masayuki Ishii    Young Man's Friend
Yoshiyuki Yagisawa    Young Man's Friend
Hideto Onishi    Young Man's Friend
Hiroshi Yazaki    Young Man's Friend
Zengo Matayoshi    J-Pop Special
Koji Morisawa    J-Pop Special
Sumire Matsumura    Receptionist
Kyoko Saito    Mother at Dentist
Hazuki Saito    Daughter at Dentist
Yu Tanabe    Son at Dentist
Kentaro Tokuhiro    Patient
Kiichiro Kawauchi    Patient
Shigemitsu Suematsu    Haruki
Shinji Suzuki    Takeshi
Reina Makino    Chieko's Girlfriend
Ayako Masagaki    Chieko's Girlfriend
Yurie Okada    Chieko's Girlfriend
Erika Okada    Chieko's Girlfriend
Mika Yokoyama    Chieko's Girlfriend
Kimi Unno    Chieko's Girlfriend
Kazuma Yamane    Kazuma
Hideaki Kunieda    Haruki's Friend
Keita Kanegae    Haruki's Friend
Tomohiro Higashi    Chieko's Boyfriend
Onbou Miura    Chieko's Boyfriend
Daiki Inoue    Chieko's Boyfriend
Shinichi Osawa    Club DJ
Noriko Yamamura    Dancer/Club
Motomi Kobayashi    Dancer/Club
Akira Matsuda    Bartender
Shizue Yamamoto    Wife
Kaoru Mihira    Chieko's Teammate
Ayaka Kotake    Chieko's Teammate
Natsumi Hayashida    Chieko's Teammate
Maki Kuraya    Chieko's Teammate
Kana Harada    Chieko's Teammate
Sayaka Shimizu    Chieko's Teammate

Production and Technical Credits

Screenwriter    Guillermo Arriaga
Based on an idea    Guillermo Arriaga
Based on an idea    Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Producer    Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
Producer    Jon Kilik
Producer    Steve Golin
Production Designer    Brigitte Broch
Editor    Stephen Mirrione
Editor    Douglas Crise
Composer    Gustavo Santaolalla
Director of Photography    Rodrigo Prieto
Co-Producer    Ann Ruark
Associate Producer    Corinne Golden Weber
Line Producer    Ahmed Jimmy Abounouom
Line Producer    Tita Lombardo
Line Producer    Kay Ueda
Line Producer    Norihisa Harada
Assistant Director    Sebastian Silva
Assistant Director    Ali Tahiri
Assistant Director    Takume Yoshimi
Second Unit Director    Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Unit Production Manager    Ann Ruark
Production Manager    Toshimitsu Matsuoka
Production Supervisor    Alex Corven
Production Supervisor    Alexandra Cardenas
Art Director    Claudia Vazquez Loustau
Art Director    Bernardo Trujillo
Art Director    Ryo Sugimoto
Set Decorator    Mohamed Rekka
Set Decorator    Yoshihito Akatsuka
Set Dresser    Alejandra Tort Orun
Second Unit Camera    Berto Berto
Second Unit Camera    Eduardo Flores Torres
Second Unit Camera    Masanobu Takayanagi
Additional Photography    Xavier Perez Grobet
Costume Designer    Michael Wilkinson
Costume Designer    Gabriela Diaque
Costume Designer    Miwako Kobayashi
Costume Supervisor    Dulcie Scott
Costume Supervisor    Jaime Ortiz Dominguez
Sound Mixer    Jose Garcia
Re-recording Mixer    Jon Taylor
Re-recording Mixer    Chris Minkler
Supervising Sound Editor    Martin Hernandez
Sound Effects Editor    Roland N. Thai
Sound Effects Editor    Alexandro Quevedo
Sound Designer    Martin Hernandez
Sound Designer    Roland N. Thai
Dialogue Editor    Sergio Diaz
Dialogue Editor    Robert Troy
Dialogue Editor    Richard Burton
Dialogue Editor    Thierry Couturier
Music Editor    Anibal Kerpel
Make up    Alessandro Bertolazzi
Make up    Alfredo Mora
Hairstylist    Giorgio Gregorini
Hairstylist    Maribel Romo
Make-up and Hair Designer    Mutsuki Sakai
Make-up and Prosthetic Effects Designer    Steve Painter
Make-up and Prosthetic Effects Designer    Darren Robinson
Music Producer    Gustavo Santaolalla
Music Producer    Anibal Kerpel
Music Supervisor    Lynn Fainchtein
Casting Director    Francine Maisler
Casting Director    Genevieve Akoka
Casting Director    Herve Jakubowicz
Casting Director    Marc Robert
Casting Director    Manuel Teil
Casting Director    Yoko Narahashi
Casting Director    Sam Stevenson
Casting Director    Gemma Hancock
Additional Casting    Alain Aswani
Casting Director    Juliette Menager
Stunt Coordinator    Cedric Proust
Stunt Coordinator    Joel Proust
Stunt Coordinator    Gerardo Moreno

DVD Releases for June 3, 2008

June 3rd, 2008

This was a bad week for big movies, with not a single first run release is even worth rating a solid purchase, never mind being a contender for DVD Pick of the Week. There were a few other contenders for the title, including Dirty Harry Collection on DVD or Blu-ray. However, I found it impossible to decide which format was the better deal. Had the Blu-ray provided anything more than High Definition, or been a more reasonable price compared to the DVD, it would have been an easier choice. One of them is the DVD Pick of the Week, I just don't know which one. On a side note, there is an immense flood of Blu-ray releases, including a few I thought were coming out previously. More...

DVD Releases for September 25, 2007

September 24th, 2007

The prime window for TV on DVD is closing, and the summer releases are starting to come out, so it is appropriate that the DVD Pick of the Week co-winners are one of each. This includes , Knocked Up - Unrated Collector's Edition and a belated win for Corner Gas - Season 4 - Buy from More...

International Details - Box Office Broken

June 10th, 2007

With no worldwide opening this weekend, several studios tried to open / expand smaller films hoping to take advantage of the lull. Despite this influx of competition, Fracture was able to hold strong dipping just one place with sixth with $2.25 million on 1018 screens in 16 markets for a total of $22.33 million internationally. The film wasn't able to top $1 million in any single market, but came closest in France with $671,000 over the weekend for a $7.20 million running total. More...

International Details - Spidey Sinks to Second but Still Reaches Milestones

June 3rd, 2007

Spider-Man 3 earned a comfortable second place earning almost as much as the rest of the films on this list with $21.07 million on 10,365 screens in 76 markets for a total of $501.00 million. It is only the 14th film to reach that milestone while it became the 16th film to top $800 million worldwide and has already climbed into 14th place overall. The U.K. regained the lead as the best market for the film adding $2.58 million on 460 screens for a total of $61.09 million. Japan took in $2.36 million on 630 screens while France made $2.31 million on 866 screens as the only other two markets to top $2 million over the weekend and the film now has $47.79 million and $48.55 million respectively. There were a quartet of led by Brazil, ($1.29 million for the weekend and $21.55 million in total); Spain, ($1.29 million / $22.49 million); Mexico, ($1.22 million / $32.90 million); and Germany, ($1.01 million / $27.16 million). More...

International Details - Bean Takes a Holiday from the Top Five

May 27th, 2007

Mr. Bean's Holiday fell one spot out of the top five this weekend despite showing some significant growth. The film did have a few openings, including a third place $165,000 debut on 56 screens in Turkey, but its biggest market was Germany where it grew 44% to $651,000 on 577 screens for the weekend and $22.52 million in total. Overall the film added $3.47 million on 2634 screens in 43 markets for a total of $176.19 million internationally with debuts in South Korea, Japan, and China, yet to come, (and of course it doesn't open here till August). More...

International Details - Slow Week Outside of Spider-Man

May 20th, 2007

The competition is still being pushed down by Spider-Man 3 and although there were half a dozen new releases to chart this week, it was still impossible to fill out a top 30 chart with any real details. For instance, Next had no major openings and its best midlevel was a second place debut in Malaysia with $115,000 on 30 screens. However, it was still able to remain in sixth place with $2.45 million on 1347 screens in 19 markets while its running total has grown to $18.94 million. More...

International Details - Not Much News to Report Other Than Spider-Man

May 13th, 2007

With Spider-Man 3 dominating the global market last weekend, there was very little else happening on the international charts that was newsworthy. With little in the way of new releases, or even expansion for holdovers, it was impossible just to fill out a top 30 chart. And with several films expected to attempt a worldwide opening over the next couple months, it will likely be that way till mid-August. More...

International Details - 300's Last Stab at Glory

May 6th, 2007

300 was knocked out of the top five this week but still added $3.82 million on 3,537 screens in 52 markets for a total of $223.77 million. The film has yet to open in Japan, but that's about it at this point and there's little hope that the movie will hit any more milestones from now until then. However, it is already a massive hit and a huge financial boon for the studio, so everything it does earn will be pure gravy. More...

Home Market is Borat Great success! Is Nice!

March 17th, 2007

There was only three new releases to chart on the home market this week; however, they included the top rental this week, Borat. While it was absolutely no surprise that the film opened in first place, it was a bit of a surprise that it only managed $9.18 million while doing so. More...

International Details - Music Holds onto an Extended Note

March 11th, 2007

Music and Lyrics remained in sixth place with $5.64 million on 1645 screens in 18 markets for a total of $32.01 million internationally. The film disappointed domestically, but it appears to be making up for that softness on the international scene. The film's best opening of the weekend came from South Korea where it placed second with $2.06 million on 144 screens while it also grabbed second place in Brazil with $490,000 on 140. Holdovers were led by the U.K. where the film earned $1.09 million on 364 screens during its fourth week of release for a total of $15.71 million in that market alone. That's close to a $100 million run here, taking into account the relative sizes of the two markets. More...

Stranger's Top Rental Gets Flushed Away on Sales Chart

March 10th, 2007

There was only one new release in the top five on the rentals charts this week but that new release was Stranger Than Fiction, which took first place with $6.77 million. More...

Babel is Top Rental, but is Flushed Away on Sales Chart

March 3rd, 2007

New releases dominated the top five including taking the number one spot with Babel. Babel opened with $8.73 million, just a fraction ahead of last week's winner, The Departed, which pulled in $8.58 million during its second week of release. More...

Award Season - Next Day Reactions

February 26th, 2007

Last night's Oscars were a interesting mix of clear favorites and surprising upsets. There were enough surprises to keep people talking for a while while enough favorites won that most will be satisfied with the overall outcome. More...

Award Season - And the Oscar Goes to... The Departed for the Fourth Time Tonight

February 25th, 2007

The Oscars have all been handed out, but that's not the end of our coverage. Tune in tomorrow for more thoughts as well as next week when we look at the Oscar bounce. And later on we'll announce the winners of our contest, More...

International Details - Losing Blood

February 25th, 2007

The Blood Diamond fell from second to sixth this past weekend, mainly due to the lack of new openings. The film still pulled $8.52 million on 3409 screens in 59 markets for a total of $77.51 million and is still on pace for $100 million internationally, but that's the last milestone in its future. More...

DVD Releases for February 20, 2007

February 20th, 2007

It's not a great week for DVD releases. While there are plenty worth talking about, few combine a high quality movie with top-notch extras. Because of this, it was hard to pick a DVD Pick of the Week. Sure, the two spotlight films on this week's list, Shut Up and Sing - Buy from Amazon and The Prestige - Buy from Amazon, are great, but the DVDs leave a lot to be desired. So were the two Canadian entries, Trailer Park Boys - Buy from and C.R.A.Z.Y. - Buy from Amazon. In many ways Gandhi - Two-Disc Special Edition - Buy from Amazon was the best choice on this week's list, but I'm going with Trailer Park Boys - Buy from (and I also recommend the massive box set as well). You may call this is a result of a pro-Canada bias, and you would be right. But at least I'm up front about it. More...

International Details - Charlotte's Sticky Situation

February 18th, 2007

Charlotte's Web's return to the international charts was a successful one as it just missed the top five with $6.37 million on 2192 screens in 40 markets. However, its international tally of $32.57 is still a terrible result given the film's production budget, which has been estimated to be north of $100 million. The film has one strong opening this weekend as it earned second place in the U.K. with $3.69 million on 489 screens. On the other hand, the film flopped in France missing the top ten with $762,000 on 347 screens and that was for the full week. It did little better in South Korea with $872,000 on 150 screens over the weekend and $969,000 in total while scoring $218,000 on 54 screens over the weekend in Belgium and $271,000 in total. More...

Per Theater Chart Won by the Other Foreign Language Oscar Contender

February 13th, 2007

Discussion about the Best Foreign Language Oscar has so far been dominated by Pan's Labyrinth, but this weekend The Lives of Others made the case that it shouldn't be ignored. The film opened with more than $200,000 in 13 theaters for an average of $16,430. It is still a long shot to expand beyond 100 theaters, but this is a good beginning. In second place was the overall box office leader, Norbit, which pulled in an average of $10,904 in more than 3,000 theaters, much to the chagrin of movie critics everywhere. Finally, last week's winner, Factory Girl placed third, earning an average of $10,872 in its 18 theaters. More...

International Details - Babel Feels Oscar Bounce

February 11th, 2007

Babel just missed the top five this past weekend and showed that Oscar nods still meant something at the box office, at least internationally. The film added $5.16 million on 1467 screens for a total of $61.31 million so far. It was aided by a first place, $1.23 million opening on 256 screens in Russia, but that is one of the film's last significant openings. More...

International Top Five - Apocalypto Remains Best of the Rest

February 4th, 2007

For the second weekend in a row Apocalypto earned sixth place on the international charts, this time pulling in 7.03 million on 2308 screens for a total of $47.42 million. Its best market of the weekend was Mexico where it had an easy first place finish with $2.43 million on 502 screens over the weekend and $2.66 million including previews. It was also strong during its second weekend in Spain as it was down 40% to $1.17 million on 284 screens for a total of $3.64 million. More...

International Details - Apocalypto Nowish

January 28th, 2007

Apocalypto climbed into sixth place despite dropping 13% to $6.72 million on 2072 screens for a total of $37.90 million. Its best market of the week was Spain where it opened in first place with $1.94 million on 283 screens. More...

Award Season - Oscar Nods Offer Little Surprises - Correction

January 23rd, 2007

The Oscar nominations were handed out today and for the most part they've followed the script written by previous awards committees fairly closely. More...

Award Season - First There's the Globes, then Comes the Gold

January 23rd, 2007

The Golden Globes were handed out last week, but the real winners were rewarded this weekend as the Golden Globe Bounce was in full effect. More...

International Details - International Holiday

January 21st, 2007

The Holiday slipped out of the top five this week, but still has plenty of reason to celebrate as the film hit $100 million on the international scene. Over the weekend it added $8.16 million on 3104 screens in 45 markets to its running tally of $102.54 million. This includes Mexico where the film opened with a respectable third place earning $711,000 on 230 screens while it took fourth place in Argentina with $153,000 on 40. More...

Award Season - The Queen has Golden Dreams

January 16th, 2007

Only two films were repeat winners on tonights Golden Globes, Dreamgirls with three wins and The Queen with two. There were a few surprises along the way and some troubling signs for Oscar hopefuls. More...

International Details - Slim Pickings

January 15th, 2007

Apocalypto was the best of the rest this weekend pulling in $8.3 million over the weekend for a running tally of $20 million on the international scene. Its biggest single market was the U.K. where the film opened in third place with $2.62 million on 385 screens, (including very limited previews), which was a record for a foreign language film. It did even better in Italy with $3.17 million on 316 screens placing second. Given the film's R-rating, it should outperform its domestic total giving it a target box office of over $100 million worldwide. More...

Award Season - The Writing is On the Wall

January 12th, 2007

The Writers Guild of America is the last of the guilds to hand out nominations, which they did so this week. And while there are 20 or so categories, only two of them are theatrical. More...

Labyrinth Leads as Holdovers Dominate Per Theater Chart

January 9th, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth saw its theater count more than double this past weekend, but it was still able to win the race on the Per Theater Chart with $17,359 in 44 venues. Letters from Iwo Jima climbed to second place with $15,859, which represents a less than 10% drop-off from the weekend before. Notes of a Scandal showed amazingly strong resilience on the chart, as it dipped just 36% to $12,100, this despite quadrupling its theater count. Two other films just managed to top $10,000: Dreamgirls with $10,168 and Comedy of Power with $10,061. More...

International Details - Extended Vacation

January 7th, 2007

Since New Years Eve fell on a Sunday this year, there was precious little in terms of international box office numbers released this week. We have some studio estimates, some box office information for major markets, and some updated totals. But for the most, there's little to share. More...

Award Season - SAG Spreads the Love

January 5th, 2007

The Screen Actors Guide handed out their nominations yesterday and of the 5 theatrical categories, there were more than a dozen films to pick up at least one nomination. More...

Award Season - Swinging Away

January 4th, 2007

The PGA announced their nominations today, two of which deal with theatrical releases. More...

Award Season - Babel and Departed are Golden

December 15th, 2006

Babel led the way when the Golden Globe nominations were announced today with seven nominations while The Departed was close behind with six. More...

International Details - Saw Sees Better Days

December 11th, 2006

Saw III slipped another spot to sixth with $4.46 million on 1518 screens in 29 markets for an international total of $54.27 million. Its best opening of the weekend came in South Korea where it placed third with $1.08 million on 144 screens, which is the last major opening for the film this year. More...

International Details - Open Season Starts to Close Out Its Run

December 3rd, 2006

Open Season only has a few more markets to open in and is starting to shed screens and markets; however, it sill managed sixth place with $4.08 million on 3489 screens in 49 markets for a two-month total of $76.58 million. This week the film opened in first place in both South Africa with $257,000 on 77 screens and in the Czech Republic with $79,000 on 23 screens. More...

Per Theater Charts are Dhoomed!

November 28th, 2006

Volver returned to the top of the per theater charts for the third time in its four week run. Over the 3-day portion of the weekend it earned an average of $17,071 in its 30 theaters and the movie is on pace to top Talk to Her as the biggest grossing film in Pedro Almodovar's career. Second place went to Dhoom 2: Back in Action with a very impressive average of $15,540 in 63 theaters. Even if the film sees the usual step drop-off for niche market films, the distributor has to be happy with its run. The History Boys didn't make history, but they did earn $100,000 in 7 theaters over the weekend for an average of $14,400. The final film to make it into the $10,000 club was Two or Three Things I Know About Her with $10,764 in its lone theater. More...

International Details - Devil Drops Out of Top Five

November 26th, 2006

Late numbers for the international weekend meant there was a shakeup in the top five with Saw III trading places with The Devil Wears Prada. Saw III took fourth with $6.54 million on 1912 screens in 20 markets for a total of $37.18 million. Meanwhile, The Devil Wears Prada fell to sixth with $5.87 million on 2452 screens in 23 markets for a total of $172.54 million. It was also the first time in nearly two months that the film didn't place in the top five on the international box office. More...

Bobby's the Best on Per Theater Chart

November 21st, 2006

Bobby finished on top of the Per Theater Chart this weekend after taking in nearly $70,000 in two theaters for an average of $34,520. That was more than $10,000 above its nearest competition, Volver, which pulled in an average of $24,095 during its third week of release. For Your Consideration placed third on the charts with an average of $16,174, which is a really good start, but still well below the average opening for Christopher Guest's previous mockumentaries. In fourth was the first of two wide release to top $10,000 as Casino Royale scored a very impressive $11,891 in 3,434 theaters. The re-release of Two or Three Things I Know About Her earned $11,214 in its lone theater, while Flannel Pajamas brought in $11,069, also in one theater. Finally we have the overall box office champ, Happy Feet, with an average of $10,918. More...

International Details - Box Office is Far From Dead

November 19th, 2006

Desu Noto 2, a.k.a., Death Note 2: The Last Name held on strong adding $5.12 million on 397 screens in 2 markets for a two week total of $20.85 million. In Japan the film remained in top spot with $4.66 million on 346 screens for a two week total of $19.34 million. More...

Holdovers Hold On Strong On Per Theater Chart

November 14th, 2006

Volver fell a tiny 14.41% during its second weekend of release while it easily won the per theater race with an average of $33,842 in five theatres. The only other movie to top $10,000 was the overall box office leader, Borat, with an average of $11,017 in its 2,566 theaters, which is simply amazing. More...

Holdovers Save Weekend Box Office

November 14th, 2006

There were four new releases opening in varying degrees of wideness this past weekend, but none of them could live up to lowered expectations. This left the overall box office at $127 million, which was down about 2% from last weekend while up less than 1% from the same weekend last year. That's not a large enough increase to keep up with ticket price inflation, but any good news is still welcome at this point. More...

International Details - Death has a Noteworthy Start

November 12th, 2006

Desu Noto 2, a.k.a., Death Note 2: The Last Name opened in two market last weekend taking in a total of $7.29 million on 393 screens including finishing first in Japan with $6.50 million on 342 screen over the weekend and $10.33 million in total. In the mean time, the film opened in second place in South Korea with a respectable total of $1.37 million, which includes more than just the weekend, obviously. More...

Can Borat's Run be Stranger?

November 10th, 2006

With Borat beating all expectations last weekend, all eyes are on it this weekend. Can it maintain this amazing pace? Will it be able to keep its momentum as it expands? Will it suffer a major drop-off? What about the competition? Can they handle the pressure? More...


November 7th, 2006

Just a trio of films in the $10,000 club, but they are managed that feat by a huge margin. Leading the way was Volver with just under $200,000 on 5 theaters for an average of $39,541. This is actually lower than the opening per theater average for Pedro Almodovar's previous two films, but his biggest opening ever. Second place went to the overall number one film, Borat with $31,607 while last week's per theater average champion, Babel, came in third with $26,264 despite a huge increase in its theater count. More...

2006 Preview: November

November 1st, 2006

Note: Article updated 11/18/2006 with correct budget for Harsh Times

It's that time of the month again, a time to look forward, but it is also a time to look back. October was a stronger month than expected and, while there are a lot of reasons for that, I think one must pay particular attention to the play of Taylor Pyatt. The departure of Anson Carter to free agency over the summer was troublesome and many felt finding a right winger for the Sedin twins was a key in maintaining or even improving upon last year's numbers. Without good chemistry, Daniel and Henrik might have taken a step back this year. However, with a team leading 6 goals, Taylor Pyatt is more than proving he can play with the speedy Swedes. ... What? Oh right, movies. It was a pretty good month for movies as well. November sees the beginning of the most important time of year for the movie industry. Not only do the holidays start with Thanksgiving, but this is also the time of year that award season really heats up. This means there is an excellent mix of blockbusters, especially family films, and critically acclaimed films hoping that first impressions are lasting impressions. It also means there are several limited releases that could expand wide later in their run; these include Fur, Bobby, For Your Consideration and others. More...

Babel Broke the Bank

October 31st, 2006

It was a busy week on the per theater charts with five films topping $10,000 and another coming awfully close. Leading the way was Oscar bait, Babel with nearly $400,000 in 7 theaters for an average of $55,622, which was four times the next highest earner. That film, The Queen, earned nearly $2 million in 152 for an average of $12,560 during its fifth week of release. Shut Up and Sing was in a virtual tie for second place with an average of $12,526 in its four theaters, while The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D wasn't that far behind with $11,409. The final film to top $10,000 was the overall box office leader, Saw III, which managed an average of $10,613 in its 3,167 theaters. More...

New Movie US Release Dates - October 29, 2006

October 29th, 2006

This week's round of new movie release information contains release dates for Blood Diamond, Dark Materials and more. More...

Movie Website Updates for October 21 - October 27, 2006

October 28th, 2006

There was a good selection of sites this week in terms of updates, but unlike last week there were fewer contenders for the Weekly Website Award. That's not to say Let's Go to Prison - Official Site didn't deserve to win, it just had a lot less competition than it would have had if it launched last week. More...

Documenting the Limited Releases

October 27th, 2006

This week, among the dozen limited releases making their theatrical debuts, are four documentaries and a mockumentary. However, it is a drama, Babel, that has the best shot at break out success. More...

Movie Website Updates for September 30 - October 6, 2006

October 7th, 2006

Good week for websites, but most were smaller updates or new sites with just a few features. Two sites, Happy Feet - Official Site and The Prestige - Official Site, stood out above the crowd, but both will need a few more update to take home the Weekly Website Award. More...

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Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2006/11/03 - $270,344   35 $7,724   $821,723 8
2006/11/04 - $377,485 +40% 35 $10,785   $1,199,208 9
2006/11/10 7 $1,726,308   1,251 $1,380   $3,563,570 15
2006/11/11 7 $2,289,057 +33% 1,251 $1,830   $5,852,627 16
2006/11/12 6 $1,542,730 -33% 1,251 $1,233   $7,395,357 17
2006/11/13 6 $479,744 -69% 1,251 $383   $7,875,101 18
2006/11/14 6 $442,847 -8% 1,251 $354   $8,317,948 19
2006/11/15 6 $402,825 -9% 1,251 $322   $8,720,773 20
2006/11/16 5 $390,689 -3% 1,251 $312   $9,111,462 21
2006/11/17 8 $875,689 +124% 1,251 $700   $9,987,151 22
2006/11/18 8 $1,199,786 +37% 1,251 $959   $11,186,937 23
2006/11/19 7 $829,167 -31% 1,251 $663   $12,016,104 24
2006/11/20 8 $267,547 -68% 1,251 $214   $12,283,651 25
2006/11/21 8 $316,708 +18% 1,251 $253   $12,600,359 26
2006/12/25 24 $124,583   208 $599   $18,999,137 60
2006/12/29 - $110,000   233 $472   $19,460,000 64
2007/01/15 31 $77,992   173 $451   $21,386,073 81
2007/01/19 16 $440,000   889 $495   $22,030,000 85
2007/01/24 10 $290,446   889 $327   $24,389,760 90
2007/01/25 10 $275,428 -5% 889 $310   $24,665,188 91
2007/01/26 14 $670,000 +143% 1,090 $615   $25,340,000 92
2007/02/02 15 $500,000   1,090 $459   $28,510,000 99
2007/02/19 22 $116,716   305 $383   $33,218,792 116
2007/03/02 - $44,780   176 $254   $33,979,716 127
2007/03/03 - $82,496 +84% 176 $469   $34,062,212 128
2007/03/04 - $47,336 -43% 176 $269   $34,109,548 129
2007/03/05 - $14,353 -70% 176 $82   $34,123,901 130
2007/03/06 - $15,384 +7% 176 $87   $34,139,285 131
2007/03/07 - $14,285 -7% 176 $81   $34,153,570 132
2007/03/08 - $13,797 -3% 176 $78   $34,167,367 133
2007/03/09 - $18,638 +35% 84 $222   $34,186,005 134
2007/03/10 - $34,583 +86% 84 $412   $34,220,588 135
2007/03/11 - $16,516 -52% 84 $197   $34,237,104 136
2007/03/12 - $6,653 -60% 84 $79   $34,243,757 137
2007/03/13 - $8,054 +21% 84 $96   $34,251,811 138
2007/03/14 - $7,080 -12% 84 $84   $34,258,891 139
2007/03/15 - $7,257 +2% 84 $86   $34,266,148 140
2007/03/16 - $4,472 -38% 38 $118   $34,270,620 141
2007/03/17 - $8,796 +97% 38 $231   $34,279,416 142
2007/03/18 - $7,880 -10% 38 $207   $34,287,296 143
2007/03/19 - $2,491 -68% 38 $66   $34,289,787 144
2007/03/20 - $2,587 +4% 38 $68   $34,292,374 145
2007/03/21 - $2,325 -10% 38 $61   $34,294,699 146
2007/03/22 - $2,287 -2% 38 $60   $34,296,986 147
2007/03/23 - $844 -63% 7 $121   $34,297,830 148
2007/03/24 - $1,957 +132% 7 $280   $34,299,787 149
2007/03/25 - $984 -50% 7 $141   $34,300,771 150
2007/03/26 - $454 -54% 7 $65   $34,301,225 151
2007/03/27 - $539 +19% 7 $77   $34,301,764 152
2007/03/28 - $582 +8% 7 $83   $34,302,346 153
2007/03/29 - $491 -16% 7 $70   $34,302,837 154

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2006/10/27 24 $389,351   7 $55,622   $389,351 3
2006/11/03 20 $919,235 +136% 35 $26,264   $1,470,614 10
2006/11/10 6 $5,558,095 +505% 1,251 $4,443   $7,395,357 17
2006/11/17 8 $2,904,642 -48% 1,251 $2,322   $12,016,104 24
2006/11/24 13 $1,968,883 -32% 902 $2,183   $15,194,482 31
2006/12/01 16 $1,001,595 -49% 609 $1,645   $16,774,393 38
2006/12/08 19 $456,581 -54% 373 $1,224   $17,605,771 45
2006/12/15 17 $495,750 +9% 220 $2,253   $18,320,965 52
2006/12/22 23 $312,218 -37% 208 $1,501   $18,874,554 59
2006/12/29 24 $478,624 +53% 233 $2,054   $19,825,138 66
2007/01/05 27 $454,022 -5% 190 $2,390   $20,744,537 73
2007/01/12 29 $380,869 -16% 173 $2,202   $21,308,081 80
2007/01/19 13 $2,072,412 +444% 889 $2,331   $23,658,420 87
2007/01/26 14 $2,561,053 +24% 1,090 $2,350   $27,226,241 94
2007/02/02 15 $1,701,657 -34% 1,090 $1,561   $29,715,747 101
2007/02/09 15 $1,677,367 -1% 919 $1,825   $32,019,555 108
2007/02/16 20 $589,971 -65% 305 $1,934   $33,102,076 115
2007/02/23 23 $443,475 -25% 289 $1,535   $33,806,170 122
2007/03/02 33 $174,612 -61% 176 $992   $34,109,548 129
2007/03/09 47 $69,737 -60% 84 $830   $34,237,104 136
2007/03/16 60 $21,148 -70% 38 $557   $34,287,296 143
2007/03/23 89 $3,785 -82% 7 $541   $34,300,771 150

Weekly Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2006/10/27 23 $551,379   7 $78,768   $551,379 7
2006/11/03 19 $1,285,883 +133% 35 $36,740   $1,837,262 14
2006/11/10 6 $7,274,200 +466% 1,251 $5,815   $9,111,462 21
2006/11/17 10 $4,114,137 -43% 1,251 $3,289   $13,225,599 28
2006/11/24 13 $2,547,199 -38% 902 $2,824   $15,772,798 35
2006/12/01 16 $1,376,392 -46% 609 $2,260   $17,149,190 42
2006/12/08 19 $676,025 -51% 373 $1,812   $17,825,215 49
2006/12/15 18 $737,121 +9% 220 $3,351   $18,562,336 56
2006/12/22 24 $784,178 +6% 208 $3,770   $19,346,514 63
2006/12/29 23 $944,001 +20% 233 $4,052   $20,290,515 70
2007/01/05 27 $636,697 -33% 190 $3,351   $20,927,212 77
2007/01/12 29 $658,796 +3% 173 $3,808   $21,586,008 84
2007/01/19 12 $3,079,180 +367% 889 $3,464   $24,665,188 91
2007/01/26 14 $3,348,902 +9% 1,090 $3,072   $28,014,090 98
2007/02/02 16 $2,328,098 -30% 1,090 $2,136   $30,342,188 105
2007/02/09 17 $2,169,917 -7% 919 $2,361   $32,512,105 112
2007/02/16 21 $850,590 -61% 305 $2,789   $33,362,695 119
2007/02/23 24 $572,241 -33% 289 $1,980   $33,934,936 126
2007/03/02 33 $232,431 -59% 176 $1,321   $34,167,367 133
2007/03/09 49 $98,781 -58% 84 $1,176   $34,266,148 140
2007/03/16 61 $30,838 -69% 38 $812   $34,296,986 147
2007/03/23 88 $5,851 -81% 7 $836   $34,302,837 154

Weekly US DVD Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
2/25/20074721,198 721,198$12,253,154$12,253,1541
3/4/20075305,023-58% 1,026,221$5,182,341$17,435,4952
3/11/20078167,007-45% 1,193,228$2,909,262$20,344,7573
3/18/20071491,174-45% 1,284,402$1,549,046$21,893,8034
3/25/20071773,660-19% 1,358,062$1,251,483$23,145,2865
4/1/20072480,822+10% 1,438,884$1,373,166$24,518,4526
4/8/200730125,118+55% 1,564,002$2,393,507$26,911,9607
4/15/20072662,462-50% 1,626,464$1,248,615$28,160,5758
4/22/20072924,122-61% 1,650,586$482,199$28,642,7749

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