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Happy Feet (2006)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $198,000,317Details
International Box Office $187,000,000
Worldwide Box Office $385,000,317
Home Market Performance
Domestic DVD Sales $206,546,318 Details
Domestic Blu-ray Sales $3,680,416 Details
Total Domestic Video Sales $210,226,734
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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics Certified FreshAudience Upright
75% - Certified Fresh
70% - Upright

Movie Details

Production Budget:$85,000,000
Domestic Releases: November 17th, 2006 (Wide) by Warner Bros.
November 17th, 2006 (IMAX) by Warner Bros.
Video Release: March 27th, 2007 by Warner Home Video
MPAA Rating: PG for some mild peril and rude humor
Running Time: 108 minutes
Comparisons: Blockbusters, 2006
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Keywords: Dancing, Voiceover/Narration, IMAX: DMR, Talking Animals, Animal Lead
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Digital Animation
Creative Type:Kids Fiction
Production Companies: Village Roadshow Productions, Kennedy Miller, Animal Logic, Warner Bros.


Robin Williams    Ramone/Lovelace
Brittany Murphy    Gloria
Hugh Jackman    Memphis
Nicole Kidman    Norma Jean
Hugo Weaving    Noah
Anthony LaPaglia    Boss Skua
Elizabeth Daily    Young Mumbles
Magda Szubanski    Miss Viola
Miriam Margolyes    Mrs. Astrakhan
Steve Irwin    Kev

Production and Technical Credits

Producer    Doug Mitchell
Producer    George Miller
Producer    Bill Miller
Executive Producer    Zareh Nalbandian
Executive Producer    Graham Burke
Executive Producer    Edward Jones
Executive Producer    Dana Goldberg
Executive Producer    Bruce Berman
Co-Director    Judy Morris
Co-Director    Warren Coleman
Screenwriter    George Miller
Screenwriter    John Collee
Screenwriter    Judy Morris
Screenwriter    Warren Coleman
Editor    Margaret Sixel
Editor    Christian Gazal
Composer    John Powell
Music Supervisor    Christine Woodruff
Production Designer    Mark Sexton
Supervising Art Director    David Nelson
Art Director    Simon Whiteley
Animation Director    Daniel Jeannette
Director of Photography    David Peers
Supervising Sound Editor    Wayne Pashley
Sound Designer    Wayne Pashley
Choreography    Kelley Abbey
Choreography    Savion Glover
Line Producer    Martin Wood
Associate Producer    Philip Hearnshaw
Associate Producer    Hael Kobayashi
Associate Producer    Michael Twigg
Associate Producer    Matt Ferro
Casting Director    Kristy Carlson

Good Night on the Home Market

May 5th, 2007

New releases again dominated the rental charts as there were able to capture the top three spots, in fact, all three of these new releases were able to score more than last week's top film was able to. Leading the way was Night at the Museum with $11.56 million; this quite low compared to its theatrical box office of just over $250 million, but the younger target demographic explains this. More...

New Releases are Smokin' Hot on the Home Market

April 27th, 2007

New releases went one-two-three on the rental charts with Smokin' Aces leading the way after taking in $6.68 million. More...

No New Releases do as Good as Shepherd on the Home Market

April 21st, 2007

It was a slow week for new releases with only one able to make the top ten on the rentals charts. This left The Good Shepherd free to remain in top spot with $7.15 million for the week and $15.81 during its run so far. More...

Shepherd Leads All on the Home Market

April 14th, 2007

The Good Shepherd led a flock of new releases earning $8.66 million. This was only a small, small margin ahead of the second place Pursuit of Happyness, which added $8.48 million to its two-week total of $18.43 million. More...

International Details - Norbit Slims Down

April 8th, 2007

Norbit saw its weekend haul sliced neatly in half landing in sixth place with $4.09 million on 2270 screens in 39 markets for a total of $49.38 million. The film wasn't able to crack $1 million in any single market, but Italy came the closest with $940,000 on 263 screens for a two-week total of $3.19 million. More...

Double Dose of Happiness on the Home Market

April 7th, 2007

New releases were a source of happiness on the home market as they first one - two this week. Leading the way was Pursuit of Happyness with an impressive $9.95 million while fellow happy release, Happy Feet, placed second with $8.26 million. More...

DVD Releases for March 27, 2007

March 26th, 2007

Yikes! It's a busy week for DVD releases with closing in on 50 DVDs on this week's list. Not only are there are a lot of films worth checking out, there's a very close race for the DVD Pick of the Week. It came down to Children of Men - Buy from Amazon and The Shield - The Complete Fifth Season - Buy from Amazon. It's practically a coin flip here, but I'm giving the DVD Pick of the Week to Children of Men - Buy from Amazon, after all, I couldn't let the film get passed over for yet another award. That would be just too cruel. More...

International Details - Taxi Still Picking Up Plenty of Passengers

March 25th, 2007

The French film, Taxi 4, just missed the top five with $3.94 million on 1255 screens in 7 markets for a total of $49.56 million. Obviously, most of that has come from France, $35.70 million in fact, but the film is also doing well in Russia with $10.63 million so far, including $2.22 million on 466 screens over the weekend. More...

Oscar Bump Fails to Pan Out

March 7th, 2007

The Oscars proved to be little help at the box office with no film seeing a real Oscar bounce. Only a handful of films saw any growth in overall box office or per theater average, and none had both. For most films, however, the Oscars came too late in their run to have any effect. More...

Award Season - Next Day Reactions

February 26th, 2007

Last night's Oscars were a interesting mix of clear favorites and surprising upsets. There were enough surprises to keep people talking for a while while enough favorites won that most will be satisfied with the overall outcome. More...

Award Season - And the Oscar Goes to... The Departed for the Fourth Time Tonight

February 25th, 2007

The Oscars have all been handed out, but that's not the end of our coverage. Tune in tomorrow for more thoughts as well as next week when we look at the Oscar bounce. And later on we'll announce the winners of our contest, More...

International Details - Babel Feels Oscar Bounce

February 11th, 2007

Babel just missed the top five this past weekend and showed that Oscar nods still meant something at the box office, at least internationally. The film added $5.16 million on 1467 screens for a total of $61.31 million so far. It was aided by a first place, $1.23 million opening on 256 screens in Russia, but that is one of the film's last significant openings. More...

International Top Five - Apocalypto Remains Best of the Rest

February 4th, 2007

For the second weekend in a row Apocalypto earned sixth place on the international charts, this time pulling in 7.03 million on 2308 screens for a total of $47.42 million. Its best market of the weekend was Mexico where it had an easy first place finish with $2.43 million on 502 screens over the weekend and $2.66 million including previews. It was also strong during its second weekend in Spain as it was down 40% to $1.17 million on 284 screens for a total of $3.64 million. More...

International Details - Apocalypto Nowish

January 28th, 2007

Apocalypto climbed into sixth place despite dropping 13% to $6.72 million on 2072 screens for a total of $37.90 million. Its best market of the week was Spain where it opened in first place with $1.94 million on 283 screens. More...

Award Season - Oscar Nods Offer Little Surprises - Correction

January 23rd, 2007

The Oscar nominations were handed out today and for the most part they've followed the script written by previous awards committees fairly closely. More...

Award Season - First There's the Globes, then Comes the Gold

January 23rd, 2007

The Golden Globes were handed out last week, but the real winners were rewarded this weekend as the Golden Globe Bounce was in full effect. More...

International Details - International Holiday

January 21st, 2007

The Holiday slipped out of the top five this week, but still has plenty of reason to celebrate as the film hit $100 million on the international scene. Over the weekend it added $8.16 million on 3104 screens in 45 markets to its running tally of $102.54 million. This includes Mexico where the film opened with a respectable third place earning $711,000 on 230 screens while it took fourth place in Argentina with $153,000 on 40. More...

Award Season - The Queen has Golden Dreams

January 16th, 2007

Only two films were repeat winners on tonights Golden Globes, Dreamgirls with three wins and The Queen with two. There were a few surprises along the way and some troubling signs for Oscar hopefuls. More...

International Top Five - It's a Brand New Day for Night

January 10th, 2007

2007 started the same way that 2006 ended, with Night at the Museum on top of the international charts. During its second weekend of release the film pulled in $29.8 million on 5,000 screens in 38 markets crossing the $100 million mark in the process; so far the film has pulled in $116.7 million internationally and is on pace to hit $200 million. Most of the film's weekend haul came from holdovers like the U.K. where it remained in first place with $5.71 million on 487 screens for a two-week total of $26.85 million. It also held well in Germany adding $4.99 million on 794 screens to its total of $13.95 million in that market. The film's few openings were mostly of the samller variety including first place debuts in Greece, ($900,000 on 66 screens), and Peru, ($471,000 on 82). More...

International Top Five - Night on the Town

January 4th, 2007

Night at the Museum stormed into the international marketplace with $47.3 million on 4,722 screens in 26 markets. In the U.K. the film made $7.80 million on 488 screens over the weekend and $15.05 million since Boxing Day. In Australia it had to settle for second place with $3.19 million on 365 screens over the weekend and $5.10 million in total. In Mexico the film shot up to first place with $2.24 million on 972 screens during its first full weekend of release and $7.04 million since Christmas day. After just two weeks Museum has pulled in $58.1 million with many major markets still to come as it rolls out from now until March. More...

Award Season - Swinging Away

January 4th, 2007

The PGA announced their nominations today, two of which deal with theatrical releases. More...

International Top Five - Eragon Gets an Early Christmas Gift

December 29th, 2006

Eragon remained in first place on the international charts with $21.9 million on 6,300 screens 52 markets for a total of $63.9 million. While the film has won the weekend race two weekends in a row, its running tally is far below studio expectations given its $100 million budget. The film opened in first place in France, ($4.4 million on 754 screens), and Belgium ($579,000 on 90), but had to settle for second place in Italy, ($2.1 million from 477). Holdovers were mixed; the film rose to first place in Russia with $1.1 million on 490 screens, but that was still nearly 50% lower than last weekend. It held on better in the U.K. down 37% to $1.64 million, but that was barely enough for fifth place and lifted its total to just $5.94 million. More...

International Top Five - The Casino Era is Gone

December 20th, 2006

There was a new winner on the international box office charts as Eragon claimed top spot with $30.09 million on 6,195 screens in 76 markets. This included first place finishes in nearly three dozen markets, but finished third or worse in half, including some major markets. For instance, the film placed fourth in the U.K. with just $2.26 million on 431 screens. Its best market was Spain where it pulled in $4.2 million at 500 while Germany was close behind with $3.88 million on 781 screens. Other million dollar markets include Mexico, ($2.28 million on 807 screens); Russia, ($2.2 million on 490); Japan, ($2.16 million on 558); Australia, ($1.67 million on 321); and Thailand, ($1.1 million on 220). The film has yet to open in France, Italy, Brazil, and smaller markets, but there's little room to expand beyond this point and while it did claim first place, it was not a dominate display especially considering its competition has been in release for a month. More...

Happy Ending for Pursuit

December 19th, 2006

After weeks of mediocre box office results, the box office finally started to show some life this past weekend, but even so, only one of the three wide releases beat expectations and the overall box office was still down more than 6% from the same weekend last year. However, with an overall box office of $121 million there was still growth of 25% from last weekend and we'll take the good news where we can find it. More...

Award Season - Babel and Departed are Golden

December 15th, 2006

Babel led the way when the Golden Globe nominations were announced today with seven nominations while The Departed was close behind with six. More...

Trio Tries to Jump Start Holiday Season

December 15th, 2006

Three new releases hope to put a bit of cheer into the box office, a box office that has been far from impressive the last couple weeks. Not since Happy Feet and Casino Royale opened has any film really been able to set the box office on fire. Or even just beat expectations by a significant margin. This week should have given us the first $40 million film of the month, but the tracking numbers are just not there. More...

International Top Five - Casino's Straight Continues

December 14th, 2006

A busy week for new releases didn't stop Casino Royale earning its fourth first place finish in a row with $35.68 million on 4688 screens in 63 markets for a total of $246.65 million. The film opened in 10 new markets (and setting franchise records in each). This included Australia where the film's $5.42 million on 401 screens was more than the rest of the market combined and was equally dominate in New Zealand with $827,000 on 92 screens. The film wasn't as fortunate in Mexico where it had to settle for second place with $1.49 million on 564 screens, which was just $30,000 behind the by box office champ. Speaking of close races, the film was knocked out of top spot in the U.K. with $5.39 million on 495 screens, also falling victim to Happy Feet in a very close battle. So far the film has made $82.52 million in that one market, and with Christmas on its way it is heading for $100 million and the year's best box office there. Overall the film is rapidly closing in on Die Another Day international final tally of $271 million; in fact, it should get there by this time next week. However, it is also likely that this time next week it will no longer be in top spot on the international charts. More...

Chronicling the Sad End to 2006

December 12th, 2006

2006 has hit a real losing streak since Happy Feet and Casino Royale opened three weeks ago. This week only one of the four wide releases matched expectations while their combined box office was well below last year's number one film. And while the overall box office was up 4% from last weekend at $97 million, it was down a huge 22% from the same weekend last year. Things need to turn around soon, or ticket sales may dip below last year's pace. More...

Holidays are Upon Us

December 8th, 2006

It's one of the most confusing weekend for box office analysts with four movies coming out, three of which have serious question marks regarding their box office potential. All four also have a shot at winning the box office race, but the extreme competition will probably result in the winning film earning less than $20 million. More...

International Top Five - Casino Hits Trip Aces

December 6th, 2006

A slow week for Casino Royale with only four openings, and only one of those in a major market. In Japan the film had to settle for second place with $2.34 million on 443 screens over the weekend and $3.25 million in total; this was a tiny margin behind local film, Love and Honor. The film also opened in a trio of African markets: South Africa with $509,000 on 77 screens, Kenya, $59,000 on 8, and Nigeria with $44,000 on 4. (Although I've received an e-mail saying the movie made $25 million there and I can earn 12.5% of that if I help a certain theatre owner smuggle it out of the country.) The film's best market remains the U.K. where it added $10.51 million on 506 screens for a total of $73.45 million. The film has already topped Die Another Day in that markets and is gunning for Dead Man's Chest, which ended its run in the market with $98.63 million. Overall, the film earned an easy first place with $43.73 million on 6728 screens in 53 markets for a total of $194.65 million. And with openings in Australia, South Korea, Italy, Mexico and other significant markets left to go, it should have no trouble topping $300 million before long. More...

Holdovers Re-Re-Repeat on Top

December 5th, 2006

Over the weekend all the holdovers were within a rounding error of expectations, but none of the new releases were able to come close to that. This left the overall box office down 42% from last weekend at $93 million. However, it was a post-holiday weekend and the large drop-off should surprise no one. Compared to the same weekend last year, the overall box office was up 7% and that is a much more significant figure. More...

International Details - Open Season Starts to Close Out Its Run

December 3rd, 2006

Open Season only has a few more markets to open in and is starting to shed screens and markets; however, it sill managed sixth place with $4.08 million on 3489 screens in 49 markets for a two-month total of $76.58 million. This week the film opened in first place in both South Africa with $257,000 on 77 screens and in the Czech Republic with $79,000 on 23 screens. More...

Trio Try to Top Feet

November 30th, 2006

The first weekend of December rarely brings us a big blockbuster, and this year is no different. Three films open wide, or in varying degrees of wideness, but none look to have the chops to take first place. More...

Thanksgiving Can't Get Enough of Leftovers

November 28th, 2006

As was the case last year, the Thanksgiving long weekend was dominated by holdovers, with the number one film earning almost as much as the four new wide releases combined. Over the 3-day weekend the total box office was $162 million, which was more than 10% higher than last weekend but more importantly it was just over 2% lower than the same weekend last year. Over 5 days the top ten pulled in $197 million, or about 5% lower than the same weekend last year. More...

International Details - Devil Drops Out of Top Five

November 26th, 2006

Late numbers for the international weekend meant there was a shakeup in the top five with Saw III trading places with The Devil Wears Prada. Saw III took fourth with $6.54 million on 1912 screens in 20 markets for a total of $37.18 million. Meanwhile, The Devil Wears Prada fell to sixth with $5.87 million on 2452 screens in 23 markets for a total of $172.54 million. It was also the first time in nearly two months that the film didn't place in the top five on the international box office. More...

Movie Industry Hopes to Avoid any Turkeys

November 22nd, 2006

The Thanksgiving long weekend marks the beginning of the holiday season and is traditionally one of the biggest weekends of the year. This year is no exception with four films opening wide, and two others adding a massive number of theaters. However, despite the glut of new and expanding films, there's a very good chance that it will be a holdover that claims the top spot over the weekend. More...

IMAX - Very Happy with Feet's Debut

November 22nd, 2006

Happy Feet set a record on IMAX earning $2.4 million on 79 screens, the best ever opening for and animated film. More...

Bobby's the Best on Per Theater Chart

November 21st, 2006

Bobby finished on top of the Per Theater Chart this weekend after taking in nearly $70,000 in two theaters for an average of $34,520. That was more than $10,000 above its nearest competition, Volver, which pulled in an average of $24,095 during its third week of release. For Your Consideration placed third on the charts with an average of $16,174, which is a really good start, but still well below the average opening for Christopher Guest's previous mockumentaries. In fourth was the first of two wide release to top $10,000 as Casino Royale scored a very impressive $11,891 in 3,434 theaters. The re-release of Two or Three Things I Know About Her earned $11,214 in its lone theater, while Flannel Pajamas brought in $11,069, also in one theater. Finally we have the overall box office champ, Happy Feet, with an average of $10,918. More...

Potter Pushes Penguins to Top Spot

November 21st, 2006

There were a few surprises on the charts this week, including the number one film. But overall things played out almost exactly as expected, leading to a total of $146 million at the box office. This was 15% higher than last weekend but 19% lower than the same weekend last year. However, that was the weekend when Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opened and no-one was expecting this year to be able to keep pace. More...

Movie Website Updates for November 11 - November 17, 2006

November 18th, 2006

A lot of trailers on this week's list of websites. Not only were there a lot of site with just trailers, there were a few trailers without sites. On the other hand, there were also a few contenders for the Weekly Website Award. In the end it was The Children of Men - Official Site that took home that prestigious award. More...

Mumble and Bond go Mano-a-Mano

November 16th, 2006

What do penguins and secret agents have in common? (Not counting the fact that they both wear tuxedos.) Not a whole lot. However, movies featuring both will be in a close battle this weekend for top spot on the box office charts. Personally, in these battles I usually put my money on the guy with the gun, but cuteness might win out. More...

2006 Preview: November

November 1st, 2006

Note: Article updated 11/18/2006 with correct budget for Harsh Times

It's that time of the month again, a time to look forward, but it is also a time to look back. October was a stronger month than expected and, while there are a lot of reasons for that, I think one must pay particular attention to the play of Taylor Pyatt. The departure of Anson Carter to free agency over the summer was troublesome and many felt finding a right winger for the Sedin twins was a key in maintaining or even improving upon last year's numbers. Without good chemistry, Daniel and Henrik might have taken a step back this year. However, with a team leading 6 goals, Taylor Pyatt is more than proving he can play with the speedy Swedes. ... What? Oh right, movies. It was a pretty good month for movies as well. November sees the beginning of the most important time of year for the movie industry. Not only do the holidays start with Thanksgiving, but this is also the time of year that award season really heats up. This means there is an excellent mix of blockbusters, especially family films, and critically acclaimed films hoping that first impressions are lasting impressions. It also means there are several limited releases that could expand wide later in their run; these include Fur, Bobby, For Your Consideration and others. More...

Movie Website Updates for September 30 - October 6, 2006

October 7th, 2006

Good week for websites, but most were smaller updates or new sites with just a few features. Two sites, Happy Feet - Official Site and The Prestige - Official Site, stood out above the crowd, but both will need a few more update to take home the Weekly Website Award. More...

IMAX Perfect for the Great Wide Open

October 3rd, 2006

Open Season became the latest film to take advantage of the really big screen experience. Over its first weekend, the film earned an estimated $1.4 million on just 65 IMAX screens for an average of $21,500. More...

Movie Website Updates for August 5 - August 11

August 11th, 2006

The torrid pace of website updates continues with more than 30 films on this week's list. There were a few sites that really caught my eye, but it was Trust the Man - Official Site and its interactive map of New York City and its more than 2 dozen clips that won the Weekly Website Award. More...

Movie Website Updates for March 10 - March 16

March 16th, 2006

Pretty average week with all best sites being previous award winners. The best of the rest was Silent Hill - Official Site, and even though this week's update wasn't huge, it was enough to make the overall site award-worthy. More...

2005 was a Record Breaking Year for IMAX

January 11th, 2006

While the overall domestic box office dropped by an estimated 6% this year, IMAX had a record breaking year for total ticket sales (although exact figures were not released). Much of this success was due to DMR releasing of blockbuster Hollywood films like Batman Begins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. More...

Movie Website Updates for December 9 - December 15

December 15th, 2005

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. We've hit another slow patch for movie websites, which is not unexpected since the most of the new site on this list are for films that open months from now so there's hardly any content, or open during the dead zone that is January. I would say the best of the rest would be King Kong - Official Site, but it is not strong enough to win the Weekly Website Award. More...

Spencer Lacey Ganus Signed to Play 'Young Mumbles' in Happy Feet

January 5th, 2004

According to her agent, Judy Savage of the Judy Savage Agency, Hollywood, CA, four year old Spencer Lacey Ganus, ('Ike' on "South Park" for two seasons) will voice Elijah Woods' character 'Mumbles' as a child in the planned 2006 release Happy Feet. More...

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Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2006/11/17 2 $12,257,221   3,804 $3,222   $12,257,221 1
2006/11/18 1 $17,128,133 +40% 3,804 $4,503   $29,385,354 2
2006/11/19 1 $12,148,078 -29% 3,804 $3,194   $41,533,432 3
2006/11/20 2 $3,022,447 -75% 3,804 $795   $44,555,879 4
2006/11/21 2 $4,015,369 +33% 3,804 $1,056   $48,571,248 5
2006/11/22 1 $7,462,263 +86% 3,804 $1,962   $56,033,511 6
2006/11/23 2 $6,145,209 -18% 3,804 $1,615   $62,178,720 7
2006/11/24 1 $15,322,279 +149% 3,804 $4,028   $77,500,999 8
2006/11/25 1 $13,928,362 -9% 3,804 $3,662   $91,429,361 9
2006/11/26 1 $7,787,405 -44% 3,804 $2,047   $99,256,766 10
2006/11/27 2 $1,354,303 -83% 3,804 $356   $100,611,069 11
2006/11/28 2 $1,183,406 -13% 3,804 $311   $101,794,475 12
2006/11/29 2 $1,077,997 -9% 3,804 $283   $102,872,472 13
2006/11/30 2 $1,083,128 n/c 3,804 $285   $103,955,600 14
2006/12/01 2 $4,303,229 +297% 3,804 $1,131   $108,258,829 15
2006/12/02 1 $8,227,390 +91% 3,804 $2,163   $116,486,219 16
2006/12/03 1 $5,014,799 -39% 3,804 $1,318   $121,501,018 17
2006/12/04 2 $827,296 -84% 3,804 $217   $122,328,314 18
2006/12/05 2 $884,442 +7% 3,804 $233   $123,212,756 19
2006/12/06 2 $887,357 n/c 3,804 $233   $124,100,113 20
2006/12/07 2 $928,315 +5% 3,804 $244   $125,028,428 21
2006/12/08 3 $3,084,512 +232% 3,650 $845   $128,112,940 22
2006/12/09 1 $6,009,551 +95% 3,650 $1,646   $134,122,491 23
2006/12/10 2 $3,810,350 -37% 3,650 $1,044   $137,932,841 24
2006/12/11 4 $679,380 -82% 3,650 $186   $138,612,221 25
2006/12/12 4 $732,393 +8% 3,650 $201   $139,344,614 26
2006/12/13 4 $752,335 +3% 3,650 $206   $140,096,949 27
2006/12/14 4 $789,421 +5% 3,650 $216   $140,886,370 28
2006/12/15 6 $2,094,152 +165% 3,335 $628   $142,980,522 29
2006/12/16 4 $3,709,220 +77% 3,335 $1,112   $146,689,742 30
2006/12/17 5 $2,555,049 -31% 3,335 $766   $149,244,791 31
2006/12/18 5 $926,426 -64% 3,335 $278   $150,171,217 32
2006/12/19 5 $1,046,298 +13% 3,335 $314   $151,217,515 33
2006/12/20 6 $1,193,432 +14% 3,335 $358   $152,410,947 34
2006/12/21 5 $1,545,216 +29% 3,335 $463   $153,956,163 35
2006/12/22 9 $1,800,000 +16% 2,565 $702   $155,800,000 36
2006/12/23 8 $2,200,000 +22% 2,565 $858   $158,000,000 37
2006/12/24 5 $1,600,000 -27% 2,565 $624   $159,600,000 38
2006/12/25 14 $1,402,273 -12% 2,565 $547   $160,521,910 39
2006/12/26 9 $2,460,206 +75% 2,565 $959   $162,982,116 40
2006/12/27 8 $2,634,217 +7% 2,565 $1,027   $165,616,333 41
2006/12/28 7 $2,701,113 +3% 2,565 $1,053   $168,317,446 42
2006/12/29 9 $2,863,406 +6% 2,565 $1,116   $171,180,852 43
2006/12/30 9 $2,818,039 -2% 2,565 $1,099   $173,998,891 44
2006/12/31 9 $1,968,736 -30% 2,565 $768   $175,967,627 45
2007/01/01 8 $2,358,270 +20% 2,565 $919   $178,325,897 46
2007/01/02 8 $1,344,238 -43% 2,565 $524   $179,670,135 47
2007/01/03 8 $901,272 -33% 2,565 $351   $180,571,407 48
2007/01/04 8 $838,313 -7% 2,565 $327   $181,409,720 49
2007/01/15 11 $843,014   1,451 $581   $189,052,102 60
2007/01/19 26 $190,000   1,004 $189   $189,580,000 64
2007/02/19 21 $120,421   305 $395   $193,920,972 95

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2006/11/17 1 $41,533,432   3,804 $10,918   $41,533,432 3
2006/11/24 1 $37,038,046 -11% 3,804 $9,737   $99,256,766 10
2006/12/01 1 $17,545,418 -53% 3,804 $4,612   $121,501,018 17
2006/12/08 2 $12,904,413 -26% 3,650 $3,535   $137,932,841 24
2006/12/15 4 $8,358,421 -35% 3,335 $2,506   $149,244,791 31
2006/12/22 8 $5,163,474 -38% 2,565 $2,013   $159,119,637 38
2006/12/29 9 $7,650,181 +48% 2,565 $2,983   $175,967,627 45
2007/01/05 13 $4,004,462 -48% 2,212 $1,810   $185,414,182 52
2007/01/12 18 $2,023,238 -49% 1,451 $1,394   $188,209,088 59
2007/01/19 22 $1,308,288 -35% 1,004 $1,303   $190,695,949 66
2007/01/26 25 $920,214 -30% 650 $1,416   $191,927,188 73
2007/02/02 25 $591,291 -36% 575 $1,028   $192,708,687 80
2007/02/09 25 $533,160 -10% 483 $1,104   $193,383,272 87
2007/02/16 32 $289,956 -46% 305 $951   $193,800,551 94
2007/02/23 31 $221,523 -24% 230 $963   $194,254,584 101
2007/03/02 23 $466,309 +111% 621 $751   $194,776,258 108
2007/03/09 21 $622,496 +33% 550 $1,132   $195,551,539 115
2007/03/16 19 $616,334 -1% 490 $1,258   $196,561,994 122
2007/03/23 23 $395,313 -36% 405 $976   $197,207,309 129
2007/03/30 26 $201,559 -49% 294 $686   $197,560,897 136
2007/04/06 36 $111,559 -45% 224 $498   $197,756,995 143
2007/04/13 49 $55,605 -50% 141 $394   $197,865,227 150
2007/04/20 60 $22,680 -59% 74 $306   $197,902,748 157
2007/04/27 55 $30,095 +33% 93 $324   $197,961,083 164
2007/05/04 58 $21,412 -29% 79 $271   $197,992,827 171

Weekly US DVD Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
4/1/200715,659,360 5,659,360$90,493,166$90,493,1661
4/8/200722,767,261-51% 8,426,621$44,248,503$134,741,6702
4/15/200711,146,668-59% 9,573,289$18,335,221$153,076,8913
4/22/20074366,120-68% 9,939,409$5,854,259$158,931,1504
4/29/20075260,150-29% 10,199,559$4,159,798$163,090,9485
5/6/20078171,704-34% 10,371,263$2,745,547$165,836,4956
5/13/20079155,799-9% 10,527,062$2,491,226$168,327,7217
5/20/20079109,525-30% 10,636,587$1,751,305$170,079,0268
5/27/20079107,292-2% 10,743,879$1,776,756$171,855,7829
6/3/2007988,478-18% 10,832,357$1,768,675$173,624,45710
6/10/20071254,152-39% 10,886,509$1,082,498$174,706,95511
6/17/20071476,984+42% 10,963,493$1,538,910$176,245,86612
6/24/20071755,299-28% 11,018,792$1,105,427$177,351,29313
7/1/20071455,946+1% 11,074,738$1,118,361$178,469,65314
7/8/20071539,431-30% 11,114,169$788,226$179,257,87915
7/15/20071760,524+53% 11,174,693$1,209,875$180,467,75416
7/22/20071649,677-18% 11,224,370$993,043$181,460,79717
9/9/20072352,491 11,313,701$936,439$183,119,81524
10/14/20071268,083 11,409,705$1,065,642$184,613,23229
11/11/20071789,044 11,548,406$1,334,770$186,739,20433
11/25/200710563,966 12,121,867$8,453,850$195,335,38535
11/29/200911393,060 12,766,094$4,414,064$203,169,841140
11/28/201014339,314 13,118,317$2,900,388$206,200,225192

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