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Michael Bay

Best known as a Producer based on credits in that role in 13 films, with $2,326,650,526 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #70)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Director), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Director), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Executive Producer), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Executive Producer), Transformers: Age of Extinction (Director)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Crappy Car Driver (Bad Boys II), Frat Boy (Mystery Men), Photographer (Coyote Ugly), NASA Scientist (Armageddon)
Most productive collaborators: Shia LaBeouf, Ian Bryce, Tyrese Gibson, Tom DeSanto, Josh Duhamel

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting2$262,359,660$408,021,818$670,381,478
In Technical RolesProducer13$1,006,210,557$1,320,439,969$2,326,650,526
Executive Producer4$1,319,013,295$2,453,434,228$3,772,447,523

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

September 29th, 2014

If you look at our list of franchises, none have made more money in as few installments as Transformers has earned. On the other hand, if you look at the top ten franchises, none of them have earned as much critical scorn as the Transformers films have earned. Only the first one managed to come close to overall positive reviews. Depending on who you talk to, the most recent installment, Transformers: Age of Extinction, has been called the best of the sequels or the worst of the sequels. Which camp do I fall under? More...

Weekend Predictions: Are we Witnessing the Extinction of a Franchise?

June 26th, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction poster

There is only one wide release of the week, but it is a potential monster hit. It is also potentially the last in a very profitable franchise. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth film in the Transformers franchise, a franchise that has averaged more than $350 million at the box office. However, they have also averaged well below 50% positive reviews and the poor critical response could finally be taking its toll. It will still crush the competition this weekend, but it likely won't live up to past installments in the franchise. It will also beat last year's new releases and more than double the first place film; however that might not be enough to save 2014. Last year there were five films that pulled in $20 million or more. This year there will be only one. In fact, there will be only four films that pull in $10 million or more. More...

2014 Preview: June

June 1st, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction poster

It is too soon to tell how May will end, as this story will be published before the weekend estimates came out. (Maleficent had an excellent start on Friday, unlike A Million Ways to Die in the West.) Overall, it was a good month with at least three movies that are on track to hit $200 million, but there was no really big winner for the month. It was nice and balanced. Unfortunately, last May there was a monster hit, Iron Man 3, and 2014 could not compete with that, so it lost ground to 2013. June hopes to turn things around and there are some reasons to be optimistic. All four weeks there is at least one film opening that at least has a shot at $100 million. There are even two films that at least have a shot at $300 million. Transformers: Age of Extinction should win the monthly box office race while How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a long shot to win, but I wouldn't be completely surprised if it did. Additionally, 22 Jump Street, Edge of Tomorrow, The Fault in Our Stars, and Think Like a Man 2 are all contenders for the century club. Not all of them will get to that milestone, but all of them at least have a short. Last June, there were three films that reached $200 million, including Man of Steel, which nearly reached $300 million. It looks like June of 2014 will be about as strong as June of 2013, more or less. If all films reach their potential, it could win the year-over-year comparison. Unless there are some shocking bombs, it shouldn't struggle so much that 2014 loses its lead over 2013 entirely.


2013 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part IV

December 21st, 2013

PANIC! If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet, it is officially time to panic. Personally, I got the last of my shopping done on Wednesday, although I don't think the gift will arrive in time for Christmas. For those still looking for a last minute gift, Part IV of our Holiday Gift Guide focuses on books, CDs, and of course anything else I missed the first time around, beginning with... More...

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for August 27th, 2013

August 26th, 2013

It's a terrible week on the home market. There's not a lot in terms of top sellers, although The Great Gatsby should lead the way. The only first-run release is Pain and Gain, which will likely not sell a lot on the home market. There are a few TV on DVD releases to fill in the gaps, like The Walking Dead or Elementary; however, by the end of the first page of new releases on, we run into filler. As for Pick of the Week, the best is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh on Blu-ray Combo Pack. I'm still waiting for the screener, but it is such a good movie and it is slow week that it is still Pick of the Week. More...

Weekend Predictions: There Will Be Pain

April 25th, 2013

It is the final weekend before the Summer blockbuster season, which means the new releases this weekend are not prime releases. Pain and Gain at least has a shot at first place. Most think The Big Wedding won't crack $10 million during the weekend. The only good news is that last year was also a bad week at the box office. The biggest new release was The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which had to settle for second place with just $11.14 million, while Think Like a Man remained in first place with $17.60 million. I think 2013's one-two-punch will top 2012's one-two punch. However, last year had better depth and 2013 will again lose in the year-over-year comparison. More...

2013 Preview: April

April 1st, 2013

March is over and while it is a little too soon to tell where a few films will end their box office runs, it is clear Oz The Great and Powerful won the month. Some films beat expectations to become midlevel hits, like The Call, but it wasn't a great month at the box office, especially compared to last year. This month, there are only seven wide releases spread over four weeks. Only one of those films, Oblivion, has a shot at being anything more than a midlevel hit. None of the other six releases look like they will come close to $100 million, but none of them look like obvious bombs either. (Although I do have my worries when it comes to Scary Movie 5.) Last April was even weaker with no film earning $100 million, although Think Like a Man did come relatively close. We might actually see growth on the year-over-year comparison. We'd better, because 2013 is behind 2012's pace by a huge margin at the moment and things will get worse when May arrives. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
7/18/2003 Bad Boys II Crappy Car Driver  $138,540,870 $134,400,000 $272,940,870
8/4/2000 Coyote Ugly Photographer  $60,786,269 $55,000,000 $115,786,269
8/6/1999 Mystery Men Frat Boy  $29,762,011 $3,700,000 $33,462,011
7/1/1998 Armageddon NASA Scientist  $201,573,391 $353,021,818 $554,595,209
Movies: 4Totals:$430,662,541$546,121,818$976,784,359
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
1/13/2017 Friday the 13th Producer $0 $0 $0
10/21/2016 Ouija 2 Producer $0 $0 $0
1/15/2016 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers o… Director $0 $0 $0
1/30/2015 Project Almanac Producer $22,348,241 $9,900,000 $32,248,241
10/24/2014 Ouija Producer $50,856,010 $52,617,999 $103,474,009
8/8/2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Producer $191,204,754 $293,800,000 $485,004,754
7/18/2014 The Purge: Anarchy Producer $71,562,550 $39,971,086 $111,533,636
6/27/2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction Executive Producer,
$245,439,076 $858,600,000 $1,104,039,076
6/7/2013 The Purge Producer $64,473,115 $26,792,040 $91,265,155
4/26/2013 Pain & Gain Producer,
$49,875,291 $31,400,000 $81,275,291
6/29/2011 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Executive Producer,
$352,390,543 $771,400,000 $1,123,790,543
2/18/2011 I am Number Four Producer $55,100,437 $91,094,722 $146,195,159
6/24/2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fa… Director,
Executive Producer 
$402,111,870 $434,407,829 $836,519,699
7/2/2007 Transformers Executive Producer,
$319,071,806 $389,026,399 $708,098,205
7/22/2005 The Island Director,
$35,818,913 $127,200,000 $163,018,913
4/15/2005 The Amityville Horror Producer $64,858,000 $43,942,304 $108,800,304
7/18/2003 Bad Boys II Director $138,540,870 $134,400,000 $272,940,870
5/25/2001 Pearl Harbor Producer,
$198,539,855 $250,700,000 $449,239,855
7/1/1998 Armageddon Director,
$201,573,391 $353,021,818 $554,595,209
6/7/1996 The Rock Director $133,955,936 $202,000,000 $335,955,936
4/7/1995 Bad Boys Director $65,637,842 $75,600,000 $141,237,842
Movies: 21Totals:$2,663,358,500$4,185,874,197$6,849,232,697