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Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $49,820,665Details
International Box Office $19,441,184
Worldwide Box Office $69,261,849
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In Ouija, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.


Rotten Tomatoes
Critics RottenAudience Spilled
7% - Rotten
29% - Spilled

Movie Details

Production Budget:$5,000,000
Domestic Releases: October 24th, 2014 (Wide) by Universal
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for disturbing violent content, frightening horror images, and thematic material.
(Rating bulletin 2333, 7/30/2014)
Keywords: Hauntings
Source:Based on Game
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Fantasy
Production Companies: Platinum Dunes, Blumhouse, Hasbro Studios

Weekend Wrap-Up: Hero had a Big Opening

Big Hero 6 poster

We had two potential monster hits go at it over the weekend and it appears the competition was a little too much and neither Big Hero 6 nor Interstellar lived up to lofty expectations, although Big Hero 6 was close. Combined the two movies earned more than $100 million over the weekend, which is reason to celebrate, even if the rest of the box office barely registered. Overall, the box office rose 65% from last weekend reaching $157 million. Wow. Unfortunately, this was still 6.5% lower than the same weekend last year. Had Interstellar matched expectations, 2014 would have come out on top of the year-over-year comparison. Hopefully it will have better legs than Thor: The Dark World did, or this weekend could be another loss. I'm hopeful, because The Dark World was a pretty big Fanboy film. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Ouija and Nightcrawler Lead Soft Halloween

Ouija poster

Halloween is over and the box office took a real hit. Ouija was the only film that was a pleasant surprise topping expectations and earning first place. Nightcrawler matched expectations, but due to the competition, landed in second place. The other two films of note: Before I Go to Sleep and Saw, were... well, the less said the better. Overall, the box office fell 18% to just $95 million. Worse still, this was 25% lower than the same weekend last year. There is mitigating circumstances, as this weekend last year was the first weekend of November and didn't have to suffer with Halloween landing on the Friday. Next weekend will bounce back, obviously, but 2014 is running out of time to catch up to 2013. Currently it is down by 3.3% at $8.33 billion to $8.62 billion. More...

Weekend Predictions: Halloween Scares Away New Releases

Nightcrawler poster

Tomorrow is Halloween, which is one of the worst days of the year as far as box office numbers are concerned. I would argue only Christmas Eve is worse. Nightcrawler is the only truly wide release of the week, but it is not expected to be a hit. It will likely earn first place, but with only around $10 million. There are two other films of note: Before I Go to Sleep and the tenth anniversary release of Saw. Before I Go to Sleep is the third release from Clarius Entertainment whose first two releases bombed horribly. This one is expected to finish somewhere in-between the first two at the box office. The Saw franchise is the highest grossing horror franchise of all time, but will people really go to theaters to see it? I would assume fans of these movies likely own the film on Blu-ray, so staying at home would be more appealing. Worse still, this weekend last year was the first weekend of November and it shows. There were five films that earned more than $10 million, led by Ender's Game. This year, we might have no movies earning more than $10 million. Ouch.


Weekend Wrap-Up: Ouija Wins, But Stars Softer Than Expected

Ouija poster

As expected, Ouija won the race for first place, but it finished on the very low end of expectations. On the other hand, John Wick beat expectations earning second place. Overall, these two results balanced out, but this still resulted in the box office falling 12% from last weekend to $116 million. More importantly, it was 13% higher than the same weekend last year. 2014 is still behind 2013, but it is chipping away at the deficit, which has fallen to under $300 million at $8.20 billion to $8.49 billion. 2014 is still behind last year's pace by 3.4%, but if it can close that gap by the same amount in November and December, then at least by the end of the year, it will have closed the gap enough to call it a spiritual victory. More...

Weekend Predictions: Ouija Will Win, But By How Much?

Ouija poster

It is not a good week at the box office for new releases. There are only two films opening wide, one of which is earning terrible reviews and the other is earning terrible buzz. At the moment, Ouija's Tomatometer Score is barely in the double-digits. That said, it is a horror film opening the week before Halloween, so it should make at least $20 million at the box office. On the other hand, John Wick's reviews are Award-worthy... but the buzz is so quiet, I doubt many award voters will see it. This weekend last year was led by Bad Grandpa, which opened in first place with $32.06. Maybe if Ouija is a surprise hit, it will match that figure. However, while 2013 looked better at the top, it had really weak depth beyond the top five, so 2014 will likely win in the year-over-year comparison. More...

Contest: Gunning For Top Prize

Next week, John Wick and Ouija both open wide, but Ouija is expected to make more during its opening weekend than John Wick is expected to make during its entire run. As such, it is the clear choice for the target film for this week's box office prediction contest. In order to win, one must simply predict the opening weekend box office number for Ouija.

Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going over, will win a copy of Annie Oakley: The Complete TV Series on DVD. Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going under, will win a previously reviewed TV on DVD release. Entries must be received by 10 a.m., Pacific Time on Friday to be eligible, so don't delay! More...

2014 Preview: October

Fury poster

September is over and while it got off to a bad start, a really, really, truly terrible start, it actually ended on a bit of a strong note. Granted, no film has yet to reach $100 million, but The Maze Runner and The Equalizer both could get there in the end. As for October, we might go another month without a $100 million hit. There are a couple of films that have the potential to reach the century mark, Gone Girl and Fury. Hopefully they will get there, but given the recent box office woes, it is probably best to keep expectations low. Last October, there were two films that earned more than $100 million. Bad Grandpa just made it passed that mark. On the other hand, Gravity was a monster hit earning nearly $275 million. It you compare its run to this year's batch of films, it only ranks behind Guardians of the Galaxy. ... There's no way any film opening this month is going to match that. ... There no way the top two films will match that. ... The top three films might not match that. ... 2014 is going to get crushed in the year-over-year comparison and by the end of the month, it will be safe to say its chances of ever catching up to 2013 will be over. It is going to be a depressing month. More...

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/10/24 1 $8,301,410   2,858 $2,905   $8,301,410 1
2014/10/25 1 $7,644,900 -8% 2,858 $2,675   $15,946,310 2
2014/10/26 1 $3,929,685 -49% 2,858 $1,375   $19,875,995 3
2014/10/27 3 $1,044,550 -73% 2,858 $365   $20,920,545 4
2014/10/28 3 $1,328,585 +27% 2,858 $465   $22,249,130 5
2014/10/29 4 $870,680 -34% 2,858 $305   $23,119,810 6
2014/10/30 3 $943,160 +8% 2,858 $330   $24,062,970 7
2014/10/31 1 $3,436,620 +264% 2,899 $1,185   $27,499,590 8
2014/11/01 1 $5,000,775 +46% 2,899 $1,725   $32,500,365 9
2014/11/02 5 $2,303,585 -54% 2,899 $795   $34,803,950 10
2014/11/03 4 $766,715 -67% 2,899 $264   $35,570,665 11
2014/11/04 6 $871,120 +14% 2,899 $300   $36,441,785 12
2014/11/05 7 $491,480 -44% 2,899 $170   $36,933,265 13
2014/11/06 7 $521,820 +6% 2,899 $180   $37,455,085 14
2014/11/07 3 $1,917,485 +267% 2,680 $715   $39,372,570 15
2014/11/08 4 $2,706,830 +41% 2,680 $1,010   $42,079,400 16
2014/11/09 7 $1,245,855 -54% 2,680 $465   $43,325,255 17
2014/11/10 6 $589,580 -53% 2,680 $220   $43,914,835 18
2014/11/11 10 $697,135 +18% 2,680 $260   $44,611,970 19
2014/11/12 8 $241,250 -65% 2,680 $90   $44,853,220 20
2014/11/13 8 $226,845 -6% 2,680 $85   $45,080,065 21
2014/11/14 8 $1,000,440 +341% 2,382 $420   $46,080,505 22
2014/11/15 8 $1,392,330 +39% 2,382 $585   $47,472,835 23
2014/11/16 11 $572,815 -59% 2,382 $240   $48,045,650 24
2014/11/17 11 $143,590 -75% 2,382 $60   $48,189,240 25
2014/11/18 11 $177,490 +24% 2,382 $75   $48,366,730 26
2014/11/19 11 $132,155 -26% 2,382 $55   $48,498,885 27
2014/11/20 11 $95,280 -28% 2,382 $40   $48,594,165 28
2014/11/21 12 $302,230 +217% 1,341 $225   $48,896,395 29
2014/11/22 12 $456,015 +51% 1,341 $340   $49,352,410 30
2014/11/23 13 $220,760 -52% 1,341 $165   $49,573,170 31
2014/11/24 12 $114,015 -48% 1,341 $85   $49,687,185 32
2014/11/25 13 $133,480 +17% 1,341 $100   $49,820,665 33

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/10/24 1 $19,875,995   2,858 $6,955   $19,875,995 3
2014/10/31 1 $10,740,980 -46% 2,899 $3,705   $34,803,950 10
2014/11/07 4 $5,870,170 -45% 2,680 $2,190   $43,325,255 17
2014/11/14 8 $2,965,585 -49% 2,382 $1,245   $48,045,650 24
2014/11/21 12 $979,005 -67% 1,341 $730   $49,573,170 31

Full financial estimates for this film, including domestic and international box office, video sales, video rentals, TV and ancillary revenue are available through our research services. For more information, please contact us at research@the-numbers.com.


Olivia Cooke    Laine Morris
Daren Kagasoff    Trevor
Douglas Smith    Pete
Bianca Santos    Isabelle
Ana Coto    Sarah Morris
Shelley Hennig    Debbie Galardi
Sierra Heuermann    Doris Zander
Sunny May Allison    Doris (10 Years Old)
Lin Shaye    Paulina Zander
Claudia Katz    Mother
Vivis Vivis    Nona
Robyn Lively    Mrs. Galardi
Matthew Settle    Mr. Morris
Afra Tully    Young Laine
Claire Beale    Young Debbie
Izzie Galanti    Young Sarah
Morgan Peter Brown    Grief Counselor
Bill Watterson    Diner Manager
Kathleen Coyne    Mourner #1
Leigh Bush    Mourner #2
Jacob Lucas    Instituton Guard
Ken Blackwell    Internet Expert

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Stiles White
Screenwriter    Stiles White
Screenwriter    Juliet Snowden
Producer    Michael Bay
Producer    Andrew Form
Producer    Brad Fuller
Producer    Jason Blum
Producer    Bennett Schneir
Executive Producer    Juliet Snowden
Executive Producer    Couper Samuelson
Executive Producer    Jeanette Volturno-Brill
Executive Producer    Brian Goldner
Executive Producer    Stephen Davis
Director of Photography    David Emmerichs
Production Designer    Barry Robison
Editor    Ken Blackwell
Composer    Anton Sanko
Costume Designer    Mary Jane Fort
Casting Director    Nancy Nayor
Co-Producer    Rick A. Osako
Co-Producer    Daniel Persitz
Unit Production Manager    Rick A. Osako
First Assistant Director    James Moran
Second Assistant Director    Eric Glasser
Second Assistant Director    Gregory J. Pawlik Jr.
Associate Producer    Phillip Dawe
Associate Producer    James Moran
Production Designer    Laura Altmann
Post-Production Supervisor    Steven Kaminsky
Art Director    Jeremy Woolsey
Set Decorator    Kristin V. Peterson
Script Supervisor    Renetta G. Amador
Sound Mixer    Zsolt Magyar
Special Effects Coordinator    Jim Schwalm
Costume Supervisor    Deborah Hall
Make up    Anthony Gordon
Hairstylist    Traci E. Smithe
Special Make-up Effects    Mike Smithson
Visual Effects Supervisor    Jamison Goei
Supervising Sound Editor    Kelly Oxford
Supervising Sound Editor    Darren Warkentin
Re-recording Mixer    Jeffrey J. Haboush
Re-recording Mixer    Adam Jenkins
First Assistant Editor    Eric R. Brodeur
Music Editor    Zig Gron
Casting Associate    Lindsey Weissmueller
Extras Casting    Central Casting
Still Photographer    Matt Kennedy
Stunt Coordinator    Ben Bray
Stunt Coordinator    Mike Gunther