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Jon Voight

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 19 films, with $3,586,157,028 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #184)
Best-Known Acting Roles: John Keller (Transformers), Shaw Senior (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Patrick Gates (National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets), Patrick Gates (National Treasure), President Roosevelt (Pearl Harbor)
Most productive collaborators: Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Shia LaBeouf, Tom Cruise, Tyrese Gibson

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting19$1,748,821,124$1,837,335,904$3,586,157,028

2017 Preview: October

October 1st, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

September destroyed the previous September monthly record for total box office take, with $800 million or so (we won’t know the exact figure until after the weekend), which tops 2016’s record of $616 million. Granted, this is almost entirely due to It’s record breaking run, and the rest of the month was merely average. Kingsman: The Golden Circle was the only other film to come close to $100 million. October doesn’t look any better, as far as depth is concerned. Blade Runner 2049 is widely expected to be the biggest hit of the month, but it is the only film expected to reach $100 million domestically. Boo 2 should be the second biggest hit of the month, while there are only a couple of other films that have a shot at $50 million. Part of the problem is the level of competition, as there are 16 films opening during the four October weekends. (Needless to say, some of the predictions below will be a little short, as there’s not much to say about a film that will barely open in the top ten and disappear two weeks later.) That’s way too many and most will be buried by the competition. Last October was a flop, as no film earned more than $100 million at the box office. There were a few films that came close, including the original Boo! movie. As long as Blade Runner 2049 matches expectations, 2017 should win the year-over-year comparison by a small margin. If we get one surprise hit, then 2017 has a real shot at closing the gap with 2016 by a significant margin. I choose to be cautiously optimistic. More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: Ray Donovan: Season One

June 7th, 2014

Ray Donovan began last year on Showtime and broke the record for biggest premiere on that cable channel. It maintained its viewership numbers throughout the season, while earning great reviews. Now that it is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray, is it worth checking out for those who don't have Showtimes? Is the Blu-ray worth picking up for those who like the show? More...

2013 Preview: August

August 1st, 2013

July was hit and miss at the box office, mostly miss. In fact, only two films really topped expectations, Despicable Me 2 and The Conjuring. That said, 2013 has nearly closed the gap with 2012 and it won't take much to pull ahead. Looking forward to August, we find that it is a very busy month with 16 or so films opening wide over five weeks. Of course, the closer you get to September, the more likely these films will struggle to find an audience, and more often than not, there are simply too many films opening wide to suspect they will all find an audience. On the high end, 2 Guns could be the biggest hit of the month with just over $100 million. The Smurfs 2 and Elysium could pull in $100 million. All three of those films are opening in the first two weeks of the month. After that, most of the new releases will be lucky if they reach $50 million during their theatrical runs. By comparison, last August was not as busy with 14 wide releases. Of those, only one film, The Bourne Legacy, topped $100 million, although a couple came reasonably close. Hopefully we will have more $100 million hits this time around and 2013 will be able to complete the comeback. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
10/20/2017 Same Kind of Different as Me Mickey Donovan  $6,244,735 $0 $6,244,735
11/18/2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Shaw Senior  $234,037,575 $569,760,767 $803,798,342
10/16/2015 Woodlawn Paul Bryant  $14,394,097 $9,606 $14,403,703
8/30/2013 Getaway The Vocie  $10,501,938 $1,312,051 $11,813,989
11/26/2008 Four Christmases   $120,146,040 $48,165,518 $168,311,558
10/24/2008 Pride and Glory Francis Tierney Sr.  $15,740,721 $27,700,000 $43,440,721
10/3/2008 An American Carol George Washington  $7,013,191 $8,992 $7,022,183
8/13/2008 Tropic Thunder Himself  $110,461,307 $80,629,943 $191,091,250
12/21/2007 National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Patrick Gates  $219,961,501 $237,364,303 $457,325,804
8/24/2007 September Dawn Jacob Samuelson  $1,066,555 $0 $1,066,555
8/3/2007 Bratz Principal Dimly  $10,010,209 $15,737,014 $25,747,223
7/2/2007 Transformers John Keller  $319,246,193 $389,026,399 $708,272,592
1/13/2006 Glory Road Coach Adolph Rupp  $42,647,449 $151,611 $42,799,060
11/19/2004 National Treasure Patrick Gates  $173,005,002 $158,318,408 $331,323,410
8/27/2004 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 Bill Biscane/Kane  $9,109,322 $246,047 $9,355,369
7/30/2004 The Manchurian Candidate Senator Thomas Jordan  $65,948,711 $30,200,000 $96,148,711
5/5/2004 The Karate Dog Hamilton Cage  $0 $0 $0
4/25/2003 A Decade Under the Influence Himself  $34,514 $0 $34,514
4/18/2003 Holes Mr. Sir/Marion Sirvio  $67,383,924 $3,848,290 $71,232,214
12/25/2001 Ali Howard Cosell  $58,183,966 $29,500,000 $87,683,966
9/28/2001 Zoolander Larry Zoolander  $45,172,250 $15,608,731 $60,780,981
6/15/2001 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Lord Croft  $131,144,183 $142,186,002 $273,330,185
5/25/2001 Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt  $198,539,855 $250,700,000 $449,239,855
8/27/1999 A Dog of Flanders Michel La Grande  $2,165,637 $0 $2,165,637
1/15/1999 Varsity Blues Coach Bud Kilmer  $52,894,169 $1,400,000 $54,294,169
12/18/1998 The General Ned Kenny  $1,256,461 $0 $1,256,461
11/20/1998 Enemy of the State Reynolds  $111,549,836 $139,100,000 $250,649,836
11/21/1997 The Rainmaker Leo F. Drummond  $45,916,769 $0 $45,916,769
10/10/1997 Most Wanted General Adam Woodward  $6,343,015 $0 $6,343,015
10/3/1997 U-Turn Blind Man  $6,690,074 $0 $6,690,074
4/11/1997 Anaconda Paul Sarone  $65,598,907 $71,400,000 $136,998,907
2/21/1997 Rosewood John Wright  $13,104,494 $0 $13,104,494
5/21/1996 Mission: Impossible Jim Phelps  $180,981,886 $276,716,108 $457,697,994
12/15/1995 Heat Nate  $67,436,818 $120,000,000 $187,436,818
12/6/1985 Runaway Train Oscar "Manny" Manheim  $7,936,012 $0 $7,936,012
2/18/1983 Table for Five J.P. Tannen  $2,400,000 $0 $2,400,000
10/8/1982 Lookin' To Get Out Alex Kovac  $832,238 $0 $832,238
4/4/1979 The Champ Billy Flynn  $30,441,738 $0 $30,441,738
1/1/1978 Coming Home Luke Martin   $32,653,000 $0 $32,653,000
7/21/1972 Deliverance Ed Gentry  $46,122,355 $0 $46,122,355
6/24/1970 Catch-22 1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder  $24,911,670 $0 $24,911,670
5/25/1969 Midnight Cowboy Joe Buck  $44,785,053 $0 $44,785,053
Movies: 42Totals:$2,604,013,370$2,609,089,790$5,213,103,160