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Garry Marshall

Best known as a Director based on credits in that role in 18 films, with $1,735,195,740 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #57)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Valentine's Day (Director), Runaway Bride (Director), The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (Director), The Princess Diaries (Director), Pretty Woman (Director)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Buck Cluck (Chicken Little), First Baseman in Softball (Runaway Bride), Bum Tour Guide (Pretty Woman), Dr Donald Harlan (Race to Witch Mountain), Walter Harvey (A League of Their Own)
Most productive collaborators: Katherine Fugate, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Hector Elizondo, Richard Gere

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting7$609,200,326$456,051,894$1,065,252,220
In Technical RolesDirector18$1,020,582,663$714,613,077$1,735,195,740
Story Creator2$59,990,247$11,300,000$71,290,247

Friday Estimates: New Releases are as Quiet as a Purr

April 30th, 2016


The Jungle Book easily remained in first place on Friday’s box office chart, earning $10.25 million. That is down just 38% from last Friday and if the weekend as the same internal multiplier as last time, then we are looking at a $49 million weekend haul. That’s a lot more than we predicted and would push the film’s running tally well over $250 million. However, this seems overly bullish—I would expect a weekend total of a few million less. More...

Weekend Predictions: Kitten vs. Jungle Cat

April 28th, 2016


There are three wide releases coming out this week, but none of them look like they will challenge The Jungle Book for top spot. In fact, it looks like all three combined won't come close to The Jungle Book weekend haul. Keanu is the best of the new releases and it has a shot at becoming a midlevel hit. Mother's Day could have been a midlevel hit as counter-programming, especially with Mother's Day just over a week away. However, early reviews are hurting its chances with moviegoers. Finally there's Ratchet and Clank, which is one of those animated movies that feels like it should have gone Direct-to-Video. As for this weekend last year... this weekend last year was the first weekend of May, so year-over-year comparison has to deal with The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Obviously 2016 is going to get crushed this weekend. It should bounce back next weekend. More...

2016 Preview: April

April 1st, 2016

The Jungle Book

March was a really good month, for the most part. There were a few bombs, but the two biggest films, Zootopia and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, both beat expectations by significant margins, so overall the box office was better than expected. Unfortunately, April is a mess, which makes prognosticating really tough. Every single week has at least one film that either moved, switched from wide to limited release, or disappeared entirely. The Jungle Book appears to be the biggest film of the year, but The Huntsman: Winter's War could also be a $100 million hit. Sadly, last April was led by Furious 7, which earned more than $350 million at the box office. That's very likely more than both The Jungle Book and The Huntsman: Winter's War will make combined. Worse still, there were only four weekends in April last year, meaning the month ends by going head-to-head with The Avengers: Age of Ultron. By the time the month ends, 2016's lead over 2015 might be gone. Let's hope it is not that bad. More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: The Odd Couple: The Complete Collection

June 10th, 2015

The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple is a TV show based on the award-winning movie of the same name that was based on the award-winning play of the same. The movie starred Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, who are inarguably one of the top ten comedy duos of all time. That sets a really high bar, one that is nearly impossible to match. Does it get there? And is The Complete Series worth picking up? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
3/13/2009 Race to Witch Mountain Dr Donald Harlan  $67,172,594 $37,931,189 $105,103,783
5/12/2006 Keeping Up with the Steins Irwin Fiedler  $4,339,241 $75,512 $4,414,753
11/4/2005 Chicken Little Buck Cluck  $135,386,665 $174,657,158 $310,043,823
1/11/2002 Orange County Arthur Gantner  $41,059,716 $2,248,991 $43,308,707
12/21/2001 The Majestic Studio Executive  $27,796,042 $9,510,292 $37,306,334
7/30/1999 Runaway Bride First Baseman in Softball  $152,257,509 $157,880,669 $310,138,178
4/9/1999 Never Been Kissed Rigfort  $55,474,757 $0 $55,474,757
10/14/1994 Exit to Eden Voice of Priscilla's Client  $6,813,570 $0 $6,813,570
7/16/1993 Hocus Pocus Master  $39,360,491 $0 $39,360,491
7/1/1992 A League of Their Own Walter Harvey  $107,533,925 $24,906,141 $132,440,066
5/31/1991 Soapdish Edmund Edwards  $36,489,888 $0 $36,489,888
3/23/1990 Pretty Woman Bum Tour Guide  $178,406,268 $254,239,604 $432,645,872
12/21/1988 Beaches Audition director  $54,849,107 $0 $54,849,107
12/18/1987 Overboard Drummer  $26,713,187 $0 $26,713,187
10/10/1986 Jumpin' Jack Flash Detective  $25,587,804 $0 $25,587,804
2/15/1985 Lost in America Desert Inn Casino Manager  $10,079,206 $0 $10,079,206
Movies: 16Totals:$969,319,970$661,449,556$1,630,769,526
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
4/29/2016 Mother’s Day Story by,
$32,182,620 $11,300,000 $43,482,620
12/9/2011 New Year’s Eve Producer,
$54,544,638 $92,305,635 $146,850,273
2/12/2010 Valentine's Day Director $110,485,654 $107,083,674 $217,569,328
5/11/2007 Georgia Rule Director $18,882,880 $1,936,721 $20,819,601
8/11/2004 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal E… Director $95,149,435 $26,922,000 $122,071,435
5/28/2004 Raising Helen Director $37,485,528 $5,854,774 $43,340,302
8/3/2001 The Princess Diaries Director $108,244,774 $57,090,000 $165,334,774
7/30/1999 Runaway Bride Director $152,257,509 $157,880,669 $310,138,178
2/26/1999 The Other Sister Story by,
$27,807,627 $0 $27,807,627
11/1/1996 Dear God Director $7,114,089 $0 $7,114,089
10/14/1994 Exit to Eden Director $6,813,570 $0 $6,813,570
10/11/1991 Frankie and Johnny Director $22,773,535 $0 $22,773,535
3/23/1990 Pretty Woman Director $178,406,268 $254,239,604 $432,645,872
12/21/1988 Beaches Director $54,849,107 $0 $54,849,107
12/18/1987 Overboard Director $26,713,187 $0 $26,713,187
7/30/1986 Nothing in Common Director $32,324,000 $0 $32,324,000
12/21/1984 The Flamingo Kid Director $23,859,382 $0 $23,859,382
7/16/1982 Young Doctors in Love Director $30,688,860 $0 $30,688,860
Movies: 18Totals:$1,020,582,663$714,613,077$1,735,195,740