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The table below lists a yearly breakdown of information about movies produced by production companies based in Lithuania. The Share is a percentage based on total worldwide box office of the movies produced by production companies in this country relative to the combined worldwide box office of all movies in the listed year. Please note that movies that are co-produced by different countries count for the share of each country, and the production country information in our database is incomplete. These factors will typically cause the share percentages in a specific year not to add up to 100%. Click on the year number for a list of all the films released that year. Click on the movie name to see information on the individual film.

Note: Since we are still actively researching production countries, we consider this chart to be in beta mode. While we make every effort to collect all available data, there are inevitably omissions and errors. Please help us by sending corrections to

Total Worldwide
Box Office
ShareTop-Grossing Movie
2018 7   $1,858,304 0.015% Pelėdų Kalnas
2017 11   $6,495,848 0.018% Trys milijonai eurų
2016 10   $3,953,738 0.011% Tarp Musu Berniuku
2015 2   $11,187 0.000% Sangailes vasara
2013 1   $120,459 0.000% Spark: A Burning Man Story
2012 2 $500,000 $314,444 0.001% The Other Dream Team

The table below shows the highest-grossing movie that begins with each letter of the alphabet produced by Lithuania production companies, including co-productions involving other countries. Click on the name of the film to go to its page, or click on the letter at the beginning of each row for a list of all the movies beginning with that letter.

IndexRelease YearMovieCo-Producing
Total Worldwide
Box Office
1 2016 12 kėdžių Lithuania   $343,078  
2 2016 2 Yötä Aamuun Finland,
A 2018 Aš žvaigždė Lithuania   $281,070  
E 2017 Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos Lithuania   $696,725  
G 2016 Gautas iškvietimas Lithuania   $938,186  
I 2015 The Invisible Front Estonia,
Russian Federation,
United States
K 2017 Klasės susitikimas: berniukai sugrįžta! Lithuania   $1,636,978  
N 2018 Nuostabieji Lūzeriai. Kita planeta Lithuania   $94,323  
O 2016 O, ne! O, taip! Lithuania   $465,102  
P 2018 Pelėdų Kalnas Lithuania   $541,219  
R 2018 Rūta Lithuania   $187,510  
S 2017 Šventasis Lithuania,
T 2017 Trys milijonai eurų Lithuania   $1,686,941  
Z 2017 Zero 3 Lithuania   $1,146,979